It was the story that rocked Ibiza this time last year, the departure of Cocoon from its 18 year residency at Amnesia to Pacha. The move sparked plenty of debate on the island, with many clued up clubbers scratching their heads at to the wisdom of Sven Vath’s thinking. Their doubts were to prove well founded, as the party was not a profitable venture at Pacha, the VIP area was empty, while the guestlist was full. One would also have to question the logic Pacha employed to sign Cocoon in the first place, an underground party hitting the ripe old age of 20 years, trying to appeal to a new generation of partygoer at a commercial, EDM flavoured club. Now with the Ibiza 2019 season beckoning, Cocoon is back in the headlines as it searches for a new home on an island that has changed so much, from the parties halcyon days, lording it high from its techno alter at Amnesia.

Word on the ground is that there are not too many options open to Cocoon. Presently, only two venues, Eden and the latest incarnation at the old Sankeys venue, Thrive, are being mentioned in dispatches. The party is not the attractive proposition that it once was, as it appeals to a different generation of clubber, one that has had its day in the Mediterranean sun. They do not like paying for entry and are there more in hope of an after party invite, than to spend on overpriced drinks at the bar – a more mature outlook given their age and experience. It’s the kids that spend the money and the underground scene in general in Ibiza, is not holding the same appeal as it once did, to the next wave of Instagram clubbers that are now the predominant party tourists on the island.

For any dance music brand, a strong Ibiza presence is most important, and in my opinion, this may have been one of the reasons why Cocoon did not bow out gracefully at Amnesia – it took a commercial decision to try and remain in Ibiza to boost its international profile and sales.  A big gamble considering what happened to We Love and Cream, when both long running parties tried to relocate to new venues after long residencies at previous clubs. Any promoter who knows the Ibiza market well, will tell you that a wrong move in its shark infested waters, can be fatal, so Cocoon needs to be very careful about what it does next, now is not the time for hasty decisions or accepting risky offers. One would hope that Papa Sven will listen to his gut feeling on this one and not be swayed by commercial advice, as what’s more important for Cocoon’s future, is the legacy it leaves behind on the island.