The famous Salt Plains of Ibiza

Today, we start a series of blogs on popular walking trails on the beautiful Island of Ibiza. Personally I am not an avid walker myself, but I do enjoy a stroll along beautiful coastlines, beachs and the narrow streets of Dalt Villa. Some facts I do know about walking in Ibiza include; not walking during the summer season between the hours of 11am – 5pm, that roads in Ibiza are very dangerous for pedestrians, and that the best time to walk is in the evenings, early mornings and off season. There are many varied and interesting walks in Ibiza and I would be most grateful to my readers for any suggestions they may have with regard to good walking trails on the Island. To start us off, I would like to thank Stivi for his contribution to the series and his stunning shots of southern coast line of Ibiza. The walk that Stivi kindly submitted to the blog is a popular one, from the beautiful UNESCO Nature reserve of Salinas, to the southern tip of the Island at Cap Des Falco, where sunsets from the west can be viewed. Its an ideal walk for any people staying in the nearby resort of Playa Den Bossa, or the many tourist locations around Ibiza town, where the NO11, bus will drop you from the centre of Ibiza Town to Salinas, in under 30 mins. Below is the transcript and details of Stivi’s walk from Salinas to Cap Des Falco.

Stivi from Ibiza Spotlight.

“One of the things I had wanted to do for many years is the walk/hike along the coast from salinas to cap d’es falco and last weekend I finally did it! With a small break it took us three hours to make the whole hike. I’d definitely recommend this walk for those who like to hike. The walk can be done in trainers, no problems, but I wouldn’t do it in flipflops really! There are some really steep parts. Bring enough water and a snack as well. I’ll definitely repeat this hike in the future, but wouldn’t do it in the midsummer heat. If you do it in the warm season, there is even a secluded beach (only reachable by boat or afoot) right underway where you can stop and cool yourself down with a dip into the sea.

It is one of the walks featured in the walking guide you can get on the island and even though it is not a very long one, it’s not the easiest one because of the harsh ups and downs on the way.”

We parked our car at salinas and started walking south, until the end of the road. you’ll all know this view…(but maybe not with that little population)

then you get onto a path, leading you along some fisherman’s houses and further along south. soon you arrive at the end of that point from where salinas looks like this

after that, the hills start. here’s salinas from a bit further 

a bit later you’ll walk up to an even higher point from where you can…
…look back at salinas/es cavallet

turn around and see es vedra, plus all the way from cala llentrisca, porroig, cala jondal hidden behind the mountain and up to sa caleta on the right… (apologies for the arty edit on this pic)

turn further around and see cap d’es falco and es codolar…on this pic you can also clearly see the path going along the edge of the mountain – such a beautiful hike

after the last hill you’ll have a splendid view down to cap d’es falco, the southern part of the salines and the airport

and soon you’ll find yourself down at cap d’es falco…with es codolar being one of the few proper pebble beaches of the island

what’s left of the walk is the easiest part really – a walk along the rim of the salines back towards salinas. we saw a group of flamingos, but they were too far away to be captured on cam

before you get back to salinas, you obviously pass by the salt mountain of salinas – quite an amount of salt there at the moment! The End.

Once again many thanks to Stivi for his contribution to the blog and especially the great pictures. If anybody else would like to post a similar walk the blog would be more than happy to publish the details.