Paulo Cesar Baptista, the man accused of causing the death of Ushuaia employee Abel Urena, has been apprehended by Dutch police in Amsterdam. Baptista, who was on the run for over three months, was arrested early last Saturday morning in Alkmaar, after a surveillance operation initiated by the Gaurdia Civil in Ibiza.

It is reported that Baptista immediately fled after the incident at Ushuaia in August, using a false passport to board a plane to Barcelona where he then travelled to Amsterdam. Complicated Legal proceedings to ensure that the Dutch Police were able to detain Baptista, delayed his arrest. It is reported that while Baptista was under surveillance he took no measures to keep a low profile using the false name of Jose De Sousa to conduct his public affairs.

His arrest brings an end to a very sad affair. Family and friends can now expect Justice for Abel Urena once the Dutch courts decide who has jurisdiction, as he is also wanted by Portuguese Police for crimes committed in Lisbon. Ushuaia Hotel issued the following statement on their Facebook page The recent detention of Paulo Baptista and the fact that he will be brought to justice has come as great news for us at Ushuaïa.”

UPDATE http://dannykayibiza.blogspot.com/2011/11/dutch-agree-to-extradite-baptista-to.html