The number of break ins to hotel rooms in Ibiza is on the rise. One of the main targets for burglary are the GPS managed chain of hotels. They offer either a very low level of security, or none at all, because of their cost cutting buisness model, combined with the financial and legal difficulties experienced by the company at present.

Always be aware that rooms on the ground floor offer the lowest level of security in any hotel, due to the ease of access they provide to the opportunist thief. These opportunists will always target hotels and accommodation that they perceive to have poor security and offer no resistance. The majority of the Group managed hotels like Fiesta, Sirennis, Interur, Azuline and Invisa etc have professional levels of security on duty within their hotels, as they understand its a sensitive area with regard to a hotels reputation. In my experience the cheaper the accommodation, the higher the risk of break ins occurring.

It is a proven fact, that where there are tourists, there are opportunist petty crime gangs in operation. Its also a proven fact that when on holiday, tourists do not exercise the same awareness levels as they would at home, due to the relaxed nature of a holiday environment. Nobody expects anything to go wrong on holiday but Murphy and Sods law can apply anywhere at any time, so always be vigilant with cash and personal belongings on holiday.

                                              Tips for a Safe Holiday 

Do not bring credit or debit cards to the beach, instead, bring just a small amount of cash to cover whatever refreshments or facilities you intend to use. Do not leave mobile phones or expensive equipment unattended while you take a dip in the sea, either leave it with somebody to take care of, or return to your car and leave it there. Insurance will pay out if locked in a car.

Avoid buying ANY merchandise or services  from the “Looky Looky” men and women that use the disguise of selling fake designer watches and sunglasses to distract naive tourists while their fellow gang members pickpocket your belongings. The merchandise is either fake or faulty and they do not offer refunds. The ladies that offer their services will rob you of cash or belongings before any buisness is finalised.

Do not under any circumstances use an illegal taxi in Ibiza. You do not know who you are getting into a car with and the passenger is not covered for any insurance claim while traveling in an illegal taxi. All official Taxi’s are white in colour with a light on the roof and identification of the licensed driver on display next to or near the meter inside the cab. Most illegal taxi drivers will approach the tourist offering their services for a low fee, but will increase the charge once the person is in the car.

Always beware of “non tourist” looking individuals that hang about some bars and clubs. They are easy to spot as they dont look like they are on holiday or having a good time. Never leave a drink unattended, bring it with you to the toilet if you have to. Dont accept offers of kindness or help in the early hours of the morning, get to a taxi and get back to your hotel. A taxi will wait for payment after its returns you to your hotel if you have no cash left.

Avoid the back streets of Dalt Villa and the La Marina area of Ibiza town. Stick to the main routes that are populated with footfall and tourists. Try not to venture off the beaten track, if in doubt go back. Like anywhere in the world, avoid dark and unlit areas, especially if traveling alone.

If a person is unfortunate to be the victim of a burglary or petty crime in Ibiza, it is always best to report the crime to the Local Police. To claim insurance for the loss of valuables, a person will require an official Police Report of the incident. The best and easiest way to process this report is to ring the Police crime line direct on 902 102 112or if ringing from outside the country 0034 902 102 112. The report can be sent by post or collected from the Police HQ in Ibiza town. Ask for an English Translator when you ring first.