Tiesto Rumoured For Ibiza 2023 Return.

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Written by Dan Kirwan

One of the island’s most famous prodigal sons, Tiesto, is rumoured to be contemplating a surprise return to the party isle this summer. The Dutch DJ departed Ibiza after a sad swan song at Pacha in 2012. He burnt several bridges as he exited stage left for a 20-month “commercial underground” residency in Las Vegas, leaving a sour taste among his legion of Ibiza fans and damaging his revered reputation as a trance icon. His legendary Elements of Life, Search Of Sunrise and Club Life parties packed out Privilege from 2007 to 2011 before he moved to Pacha, inheriting the Swedish House Mafia slot. The Swedes were expected to replace Tiesto at Privilege. However, that deal broke down, directly leading to the infamous SHM break-up. 

Tiestos’ residency at Pacha lasted just one season as the club’s owner Ricardo Urgell dispensed with Danny Whittle’s services, known for micro-managing many high-profile DJs. A war of words then broke out between Ricardo and some of those expensive DJs whose inflated wages Ricardo refused to pay.  Facilitated by sections of the industry media, Tiesto led the anti-Ibiza propaganda machine implying the island was stale during a series of published interviews, which have since been removed. The erasing of those words and the island rumours indicate that Tiesto could be about to end his Ibiza exile and return to the island this summer.

Tiesto’s rehabilitation will depend on his Ibiza 2023 music style, which according to Tiesto, is evolving towards “groovy house”, with his new album Drive expected to be released in conjunction with a possible Ibiza residency. Amnesia, where Tiesto played his first Ibiza club gig for trance outfit Cream, is the current favourite to sign him. However, Hi and their silent partner, Pacha, would also be in the running. It would be a significant coup for Amnesia if they could secure the services of the Dutch legend. However, it’s also a high-risk bet if Tiesto fails to rise to the expectations of the Instagram generation. 

Tiesto’s rehabilitation will depend on his Ibiza 2023 music style

The elephant in the room for many Ibiza fans is Tiesto’s current opinion on the Ibiza scene and if he still regards it as inferior to Las Vegas. Setting the record straight on this issue may heal old wounds. Some words are best forgotten, as they are said in the heat of the moment and in Tiesto’s case, he deserves  Balearic absolution.  He gave us so many magical moments in his distinguished career, so hopefully, Tijs can reinvent himself in Ibiza this summer. We wish him the best of luck and a warm welcome back to the island if the rumours are to be believed.

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