The Trouble With DC10 Ibiza

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Written by Dan Kirwan

Once upon a time DC10, was the jewel in the crown of the Ibiza Clubbing scene. In the true spirit of Ibiza, it represented freedom of expression, respect and individuality where music and the party came first not the money. However, in the space of 12 hours, it has risked not only its own future but that of the whole industry on the island. Last Monday, In childish defiance to the police and media attention that was directed at it for its Opening party, it threw its toys out of the cot and screamed and screamed at the top of its voice for 12 hours keeping the whole neighbourhood awake and placing an even bigger target on the back of a nightlife industry under huge pressure to survive.

DC10 has shot itself in the foot and has nobody to blame but itself. It took the decision to allow its customers to queue for tickets in the midday sun rather than presell online like its US parties. It was a public relations car crash and both the media and police were there to record it. Even the clandestine villa party promoters understood the need for discretion, especially in the middle of a deadly pandemic. It also damaged the reputation and hard work of the local Nightlife Association in lobbying the Balearic Government to allow the clubs to re-open again and with its insolent behavior has provoked local resident groups to take legal action. Compare the management of the opening of Amnesia to that of DC10’s and one understands there is a right way to do things and a wrong way.  

DC10 represents all that is wrong with Ibiza right now. Arrogance, ego, disrespect and corruption. Arrogance by looking down on people, ego in thinking it’s all about you, disrespect in the way you treat your neighbours and corruption in the way you are allowed to operate outside the law while expecting others to abide by it. These are all traits that were once alien to Ibiza, but sadly in recent years, they have spread like cancer throughout the island. In my opinion, this is the reason why so many people have packed up and left, Ibiza is not the love and peaceful paradise it used to be, its spirit has been infected by all of the above social diseases. It’s turning into a mini Vegas and in doing so, losing the unique charming identity that made it so popular in the first place. 

To save Ibiza we all have a part to play

There is a well known saying on the island, that if Ibiza doesn’t like you, it will find a way to get rid of you, and those who know her intimately will testify to her unforgiving nature if you push or defy her. The local population is not against clubbing, {for those at the back of the class it was the locals who created the clubs in the first place,} it understands and values its unique contribution to the island’s identity and success, but it now needs to adapt to a different environment. It needs to offer sustainable solutions, and work in harmony and balance with all the diverse groups who call Ibiza their home. Everybody has been affected by the pandemic and not in a good way and those who have managed to hang on deserve respect for doing so as Ibiza can be a cruel mistress.  

It’s not an insurmountable challenge all it takes is for some people to get down off their high horse and engage in a little respect, awareness and understanding. To save Ibiza we all have a part to play. No part is too great or too small, no one is too old or too young to do something. Nobody wants to see DC10 fail, but right now it seriously needs to change its attitude and invest in a professional PR campaign, one that aims to heal rather than divide. More love and less hate, or our generation will be remembered as the one that spoiled the party.

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