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The Ten Most Talked-About Parties In Ibiza 2023.

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Written by Dan Kirwan

As we enter the third month of the extended Ibiza 2023 party season, the cream of the summer parties is rising to the top. It’s been another successful start to the summer as the clubs continue to report strong business. Some parties are doing better than others, and already some are in trouble, failing to capture the public imagination due mainly to a jam-packed calendar of events. With so much choice,  clubbers are being very selective about the parties they do attend, Below in no particular order, we have compiled a list of the top ten parties that everybody is talking about for Ibiza 2023. 

Black Coffee Saturdays at Hi

It was an inspired signing by Hi to bring the relatively unknown South African Nkosinathi Innocent Maphumulo to Ibiza to headline their brand new club in 2017. Ibiza is a melting pot of cultures, and the African sound has always been an indelible part of the island’s multicultural history. I remember seeing Black Coffee play in his first season at Hi, and I was taken by his selection of new music, which was very Balearic in style. That style established the forty-seven years olds credentials as a rising star on the world’s stage, and Hi helped develop his confidence to a point where today, he is vying for the position of the island’s number 1 DJ. While he may not be everybody’s cup of tea, visiting Hi on Saturday night will freshen up the auditory sensations.

Marco Carola Music On Fridays At Pacha.

It was the talk of the island when Marco moved his flagship Music On party from Amnesia to Pacha, as many doubted it would be a wise move, especially after Sven Vath had failed in a similar defection the year before. However, the more intimate surroundings of Pacha fitted Marco like a velvet glove, and he was soon challenging Solomun for the title of the iconic club’s top DJ. A crown he secured last year after a stellar season of packed floors and VIP terraces, the holy grail of the Pacha business model that David Guetta had pioneered with this FMIF party in the noughties. Will the Italian secure that position this season, or will Solomun take back what he views as his club and island? It promises to be a sell-out.

Solomun Sundays at Pacha.

Marco caught Solomun by surprise last year, as the Croatian had taken his eye off the ball and was playing in the style of the wayward Christiano Ronaldo. His sound was all over the place, impacting footfall at his Sunday night plus 1 concept, which felt outdated compared to Carola’s fresh, new style tailored to the unique Pacha experience. While Marco put him on the floor, he didn’t knock the Croatian out, and Malden is back bigger and stronger this season, judging by the quality of his support card. Competition brings out the best in people, and Solomun will be driven to regain his title this summer. It is a heavyweight title bout that should not be missed.


Sven Vath Catharsis at Las Dalias.

The legendary German DJ, responsible for establishing the techno scene in Ibiza with his iconic Cocoon party that debuted at Amneisa in 1999, has, like his sound, minimalised his appearances on the island this year. After a misjudged move to Pacha, Sven was without a home after walking out on his 20-year marriage with Amnesia. Sven is a revered artist for a particular generation, and his less-is-more approach to his Ibiza voyage will connect with many of his lifelong fans. To see a master at work in such intimate surroundings is an experience not to be missed. Leave your smartphone at the door, and lose yourself in the music.

Jamie Jones Paradise at Amnesia Wednesdays.

One of the DJs to benefit most from Sven Vaths Cocoon’s halcyon years was Jamie Jones at DC10. He was there when DJs like Luciano took Vaths industrial Techno sound, added some Balearic sunshine and made it sexy. It was the birth of a new sound on the island, which is still with us today and drives all the trendy Ibiza parties. When Luciano left DC10, Jones gratefully took over his throne and gave us Paradise, a party that became the highlight of the Ibiza party calendar for several seasons. Wednesday nights became the preserve of DC10, and it blew away all competition. In 2021 Jones departed his spiritual home at DC10 for Amnesia, a risky move considering Luciano’s trajectory post-DC10. Paradise’s first season pulled in the crowds at Amnesia last year, and the club badly needs Jamie Jones to shine this year to remain relevant in the changing Ibiza club scape.

Micheal Bibi Solid Grooves DC10 Thursdays. 

The Italian-managed club has a unique skill at signing rising stars to replace flagship parties poached by competitors offering gold-plated contracts to defect. Jones replaced Luciano, and now Bibi will replace Jones as the new and improved venue. Bibi appeals to a diverse crowd of nationalities that fits in well with the Ibiza spirit. He is trendy and cool with the younger generation, and this asset will ensure Micheal Bibi will be on everybody’s wish list. Will he remain at DC for next season, or will he make a move to The Night League? Sadly, Bibi has been diagnosed with primary central nervous system (CNS) lymphoma, a rare cancer that will change everything in his life. We wish him all the best for his challenging and uncertain path ahead. 

Afterlife at Hi Tuesdays.

When Bibi looks across the road at Hi and views the development and progression of Tale Of Us at the club, one feels he would also benefit from working with the Hi team. When Space was decommissioned and Hi built a new temple on its hallowed ground, Afterlife was the only Space party that transitioned with them. It shocked many of the island’s elder lemons. However, it was an inspired decision, and the duo have solidified their position as the club’s premier underground party. My favourite party at the club as they always put on some rising stars in the club room to support them, ensuring it’s a real techno feast, Ibiza style.

Holo Eric Prydz Adam Beyer Hi Mondays

From the trendy to the artistic theatre. Eric Prydz was inspired to create his groundbreaking Holo experience during his brief residency at Hi in 2018. During that season, he was introduced to the digital magic of Roman Pissenem and his High Scream production company, responsible for staging all the shows at Hi and Ushuaia. After receiving worldwide acclaim, Holo will make its Ibiza debut with a residency of nine bespoke performances at Hi on Monday nights. Prydz will be joined by techno-purist Adam Beyer, who will add thump and bass to Prydz’a ambient style of music. The Hi team will pull out all the stops to introduce the wow factor to the party. Holo cheekily poached DC10 star Patrick Topping to headline the clubroom, so expect this limited-run residency to be road blocked. It’s the party I am most excited about this season.

Camelphat Pacha Tuesdays

Pacha has brought their A-game to the table this summer. It’s been a long time since the old club crafted such a balanced and quality program of parties over its 20-week season. With Bedoin on Wednesday nights, the iconic Flower Power and Camelphat are the cherry on top of its Ibiza 2023 season. What makes Camelphat notable this summer is the quality of their lineups which feature some trendy names that are right on point. It’s their season to shine, and we wish the UK duo the best of luck with their season ahead. If they can break Ibiza, they have nailed it.

Ants Ushuaia Daytime Saturdays

What can you say about Ants that has not been said before? The daytime party established the Pissenem name on the Ibiza scene. It gave birth to Hi and inspired Ushuaia to grow, and this summer, it celebrates its tenth anniversary on the island. Gates open at 3 pm every Saturday, and this party is not to be missed if you are young, multicultural, love wearing shades and listening to min tech music.

The most talked about boutique parties

There you have it our list of the top ten most talked about parties for Ibiza 2023. In Ibiza small can be beautiful, and next time we will look at the most talked about boutique parties happening on the island this summer. Most are free entry which will be music to the ears of those trying to keep up with Ibiza inflation prices which would make even the ECB blush.  Until next time, see you all on the dancefloor. 

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