Our story last week on the new owners at Sankeys caused quite a controversy.  There was not much love about for the news and it was a similar reaction to the piece we did on the SHM breakup story back in 2012. The reason we get to publish stories that other online media outlets don’t, is a simple one. The blog is not subservient to revenue generated by advertising, we do not rely on monetization or “clickbait”, the Blog is an opinion piece holding freedom of speech and independence as its standards. Of course, we are going to draw a strong reaction from those in the industry who buy their PR from media outlets happy to accept money in return for a glowing and positive spin on their business. Fair play to them, it’s an industry that employs people and generates revenue – but its not the model we operate. Social media has changed the way people gather their news and the Blog offers an alternative view – something Ibiza is well known for.

The blog is there to raise awareness and provide another perspective, to the one that the industry wants people to believe. To support those who choose to be silent or cant be heard over the loud din of others. At present in Ibiza, that “industry” in my opinion, has too much control and is turning the island into a homognised superstore of curated sounds.  It holds back fresh young talent in favour of the same old faces. If a small non profit Blog can obtain so called sensitive information, then keeping that business private and air tight, should be more of a priority and responsibility for its owners. Social data protection you could call it. Unlike the music industry in Ibiza we are not perfect, we may stumble sometimes, as we are always reading between the lines and judging which way the ball will bounce.

After last weeks story, we were contacted by one of the parties concerned in that report, who provided the Blog with new information. In light of that information, we removed the story to facilitate time to check out some facts and to test the validity of those claims. Suffice to say, it was like opening a pandora’s box, but from my many years reporting on the Ibiza scene, that did not surprise me. Thankfully, we now possess another line of information into what “seems” to be going on behind the scenes at Sankeys, more than we had last week. We need to be patient, as this Sankeys story requires more time to develop. Will it turn into another Booom or will Sankeys witness a new lease of life?  There are sure to be a few more twists and turns in this ongoing saga and we will do our best to keep you apprised of them.