Catherine Sanchez

Catherine and Jean-Paul Sanchez are the owners of cult fashion boutique, reVOLVER based in Ibiza Town. Purveyors of faultless fashion, they cherry pick all of their collections, and with a combination of well-known international designers interspersed with cool underground brands, it’s the go-to destination for people in the style know. I spoke to Catherine, who’s gained a reputation as one of the savviest style-setters on the island.

When and why did you come to Ibiza?
We came in 2008 to open reVOLVER! We’d been coming on holiday for a while before that though, usually several times a year as we loved it so much.
What is it about living in Ibiza that you love?
The weather, the beaches, the world-class restaurants and entertainment, and most of all the relaxed, open-mindedness of the citizens. Also we now have a little boy, and it’s just the best place for a kid to grow up.

Do you have a favourite drinking spot?
Yes! We always have a mojito at Bar Alegria opposite the shop before we go out anywhere – they’re the best on the island!

What made you decide Ibiza was the best place to set up the store?
It was the other way around really – we had the opportunity to open a shop here, did some numbers literally on the back of a drinks coaster, and before we knew it we’d signed the contract. We had never done anything like this before!

Easy as that! How would you describe the store to someone who’s never been?

Physically, it’s a beautiful shop in the old town of Ibiza, with sabena wood beams, and a polished white floor. We stock both men’s and women’s labels, in particular the edgier diffusion lines of some big international labels like McQ Alexander McQueen, MM6 Maison Martin Margiela and Marc by Marc Jacobs. We also have Ibiza’s best range of sunglasses – not the kind you’d find in every airport!

Have you always been interested in fashion?
We’ve been interested in style generally, yes – whether that’s architecture, design or clothing.

In terms of fashion and Ibiza style, what is it that excites you?
It seems like just about every top designer in the world comes to Ibiza every year on holiday. The beautiful landscape, hippy vibe and the underground club culture have been the inspiration for many collections.

Have you noticed an evolution of style in Ibiza over the years?
Ibiza always has been a stylish place and always will be.

You collate the collections in-store yourselves – what is it you look for from a brand?

Attention to detail. That might be the fabrics used, the cut of the garment, the printing technique or detailing like buttons or raw hems.

What are your bestselling pieces? Any surprises?
We do sell sunglasses well, because they aren’t the usual Tom Ford, Ray Bans etc. They are also friendly to Ryanair sized luggage allowances.

Have you noticed a change in customer over the years?
Our customers from 5 years ago are still coming back, but recently we have more clients from places like Norway and Sweden, and fewer from Spain itself. Which has a big difference on the sizes we buy – the Scandinavians tend to be a lot taller.

What drives you in business?
Fashion is so fast moving, so our business is always changing, which makes it exciting. Ultimately though, happy customers are the driver.

You’ve launched the store online – what’s the concept?

People used to say they wished they had a store like ours in their hometown, be it Dusseldorf, Nice or even Surrey. So now they have! is open 24/7/365, and the site also has a blog where people can keep up to date with the latest Ibiza trends, reVOLVER style.

Words by Abigail Lowe.