Home to the mystical and imposing island of Es Vedra. Its powerfull presence has to be experienced first hand to understand its attraction. Folklore says the island was home to Homers Sirens, as well as the gateway to the mythical city of Atlantis. Most local fisherman avoid the area and will not land on the rock populated by goats, although there are boat trips around the rock and to the nearby hippy area of Atlantis, an old Phoenician quarry with  strange rock sculptures and carvings. A small, outboard motor boat can be hired from the beach at Cala D Hort to go and sail around this eerie rock.

I would advise visiting the area for the day. Bring a beach towel and swimwear and relax on the beautiful beach of Cala D’Hort , while taking a break for refreshments at the popular Es Bodaldo restaurant on the beach, with lots of other facilities present also. Es Bodaldo serves a Ibicenco specialty called, Bullit de Piex, a type of fish stew served with potatoes and rice. Sunset here is spectacular and awe inspiring around the rock and many wedding cermonies and blessings take place here. The image of Es Vedra was used on Mike Oldfield’s Voyager album and in the movie South Pacific.