The Track That Started My Ibiza Voyage

When I first arrived on the Island of Ibiza back in 1996, music brought me there. I was drawn to the Island by images I saw on a music video for The Courses Ready Or Not, a rework of the Fugees classic of the same name. The video featured  people having fun, scantily clad females dancing with wild abandon and to top it all off, clubbers jumping into a swimming pool in a club! The Club in question was Privilege where most of the video, dedicated to the party people of Ibiza, was shot. It was something that I would never experience at home, so I packed a bag, booked a flight and went to Ibiza to join the party. Now as I look back on those innocent days, with many fond memories and some not so good, it brings me to think about the music that was my partying Ibiza.

A sound that was fresh, summery, happy and with uplifting vocals. For me personally, House Music is at its best when accompanied by a strong vocal. Its roots are in Disco and real House Music should reflect this. Back in the nineties we were spoilt for choice with many fine house tracks that were accompanied by smooth and stylish vocalists. Heather Small of M People had a voice that was never really appreciated for its unique quality. Sophie Ellis Baxter was sexy but in a stylish way and her voice reflected it.  Moloko and Rosin Murphy defined the 90’s was a video that will be remembered for that glittering funky dress. The Funky sound that Daft Punk made their own, came to the mainstream with Stardust’s excellent Music Sounds Better with you. House Pioneer, David Morales once again made a crossover and introduced us to a faster Beat (that went on to become hard house) with his iconic Needin U with Jazzy Juliet Roberts on vocals. Below are a sample of some of my favourites.

M People Moving On Up

DJ Spiller GrooveJet
Modjo- Lady

Stardust Music Sounds Better

Moloko Sing It Back

David Morales Needin U

And finally the track that was responsible for my Ibiza voyage Ready Or Not by the Course,