One of the lesser known attractions on the island of Ibiza are the Flamingos that winter in Salinas before continuing their migratory journey to the breeding grounds of Malaga and France. The Flamingos travel from as far as the eastern coast of the Mediterranean sea and northern Africa, arriving on the island during August, September and October. They then depart in February for the largest Flamingo breeding grounds in Europe, the Lagoon of Fuentepiedra and the French Camargue, where they will hatch one egg per pair, in mid-July after a 29 day incubation period. Not all Flamingos stop in Ibiza, the majority go direct to the breeding grounds, so the ones that remain must be discerning birds. They love salt plains and the area around the Natural Park of Ses Salines is where some three hundred will stay over the winter, as others depart. The best place to view them in Ibiza are the lagoons of Sal Rossa, Es Codalor and Es Cavallet. Flamingos are fascinating birds and were considered by the ancient Egyptians to be a living representation of the God Ra. Other interesting facts include their long lifespan of 20-30 years, speeds of up to 35 mph, and the strong bonding of male and female birds. So next time, when you want to view birds of a different variety, the long beak and feathered ones, then head out to Ses Salines some afternoon for a civilised spot of Ornithology.