What is it that makes Ibiza so unique and special. To those that understand the presence of the islands unquantifiable power or magic, it is still hard to define or explain to a novice. Its an ancient power that many human civilisations came to recognise and respect. The Carthaginians and Romans considered it a Holy island sanitised of poison and harm,  burying their nobility on the slopes of Dalt Villa in the finest example of an intact Carthaginian Necropolis in the World today. Off all the many civilisations that passed through the island, none were destructive to the lands earth, a sign maybe, that it held a unique energy or magnetism.

I have written previously about the spirituality I have encountered during my visits to Ibiza which have spanned two decades. Last summer I had the opportunity to live and work there and it opened my senses to the magic that exists everywhere. To see magic one has to believe in it, and the island is home to modern day sorcerers, witches and wizards that understand how it works. Before the advent of mass media people were more in touch with the land and nature. They could read the signs, sense the energy of a place as they were not contaminated or conditioned by society. I have always maintained that the loud brash exterior of clubland Ibiza is designed to hide the islands true identity which is fragile and beautiful but at the same time destructive.

The powerful energy that emanates from the large deposits of the crystal rock found deep in the iron rich red soil can be very dangerous for some. For those that like to push the envelope of life, party hard and ride the Universes roller coaster, Ibiza is a gargantuan monster that will devour without brakes. On the other side of the coin that same energy can open the eyes to spirituality, beauty and magic. Each person will connect differently with that energy depending on who they are, their true beliefs, personality and values. Ibiza empowers that raw essence of who we truly are that is why fake and false personalities do not thrive there.

The locals say Ibiza either loves or rejects you and others put a seven year time period on finding this out. I recently asked a well know veteran Ibiza legend the secret to his longevity and he informed me that you must “want to love Ibiza” not the other way around. I dont think anybody will ever find a definitive answer as to what makes the island so special to some, at this stage I feel its a combination of elements that are individual to each soul that passes through her shores. Ibiza will always be a mysterious mistress that opens our eyes to wonder and enlightenment, but each person must want to set sail on an adventure that starts from within.