A shade of Orange for Ibiza

A noticeable addition to the mix of nationalities that visit Ibiza each season, are people from the Netherlands. Traditionally, the big three tourist groups on the Island were the British, Spanish and German nationalities. Only in recent years have the Italians replaced the Germans in the Top 3 with the only other noticeable trend change being the 30% growth of the Dutch market. The Ryanair direct route from Eindhoven to Ibiza has influenced tourist footfall from the reclaimed flatlands of Holland.

Locals on the Island have certainly warmed to the Dutch people as their polite, tolerant and friendly nature are traits common to Ibicenco culture. The Dutch language is one of the few European languages that the bilingual Ibicencos have yet to master but as English is commonly spoken in Holland, this is the main method of communication between the two. Ibiza looks set to welcome many more Dutch Tourists to the Island over the coming years and most will agree, that they are a popular addition to the Islands Tourist community.