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The Arrival Of Ibiza Blockchain NFT Cryptocurrency

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Written by Dan Kirwan

Cryptocurrency and NFTs have arrived in Ibiza this week, with the launch of the island’s very first dedicated cryptocurrency and NFT Marketplace, Ibiza Token, which is the brainchild of two old skool Space and Pacha promoters.  Yann Pissenemans Sensorium project has also received plenty of attention, but it’s not quite the same product as the trading currencies which are rooted in peer to peer Blockchain technology. Most of my generation will recognise peer to peer technology from our Tor Browser days but I will explain in more detail its technology as we go along. 

Also this week, the iconic hippy club Amnesia, commissioned its first piece of digital art for the virtual marketplace – an area of frantic activity as digital entrepreneurs rush to stake their claim similar to the Klondike Gold Rush of 1896. Ibiza is prime real estate for the Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and NFT markets due to the spending power of the small island in summer.  The concept cuts out the middleman, eradicates piracy and protects against tourist trapping, long the scourge of the Ibiza Tourism product especially in San Antonio.

However the prime advantage of Blockchain technology, the engine room of cryptocurrency, is its decentralised status where funds, assets and ledgers are encrypted in total privacy away from the prying eyes of governments and the police. Many people are predicting Blockchain technology as the natural successor to the current Banking system which is close to collapse and has been witnessing its market share eroded by modern technology, much like the way Netflix has replaced the big Hollywood studios for changing the way we watch movies. 

Join us for a series of blogs on this pivotal trend as we reveal the runners and riders for a hotly contested race to establish the Ibiza Blockchain, which is sure to appeal to all of us who genuinely love the real Ibiza.

We now have an opportunity to help shape and invest in her future and I for one, look forward to leaving the pirates behind and promoting this trust based community way of doing business for the benifit of the island and its people as a whole. 

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