With Do Not Sleep in the news recently, connected to a possible residency at Amnesia on Thursday nights, Darius Syrossian, the maverick underground DJ, has been contemplating his future on the island. The Manchester based DJ is also one of the most engaged artists on social media, administering all his own accounts and talking directly to his fan base on a daily basis. After the fall of Space and amid all the hype surrounding Hi last July, a clearly disillusioned Syrossian tweeted  “Ibiza has changed, & not for the good.” Now with Ibiza 2018 looming large on the horizon, what can we expect from Syrossian this summer in Ibiza?

He is currently working on a number of projects, including his new Vinyl and digital label, Moxy Music, which is expected to launch in June and with doubts over the future of Sankeys, rumours suggest that both Amnesia and the Vista Room at Privilege are possibilities for Syrossian this season in Ibiza. He is also expected to return to DC10 as a guest of Jamie Jones Paradise party on Wednesdays, so he may consider focusing on solo guest appearances this year. However the DNS faithful would expect him to remain loyal to their party, especially if its hosting the main room of Amnesia. Darius has stated that he would never play for perceived VIP friendly clubs like Hi, which pissed off a few people at the court of Ushuaia, so its unlikely he will be receiving a dinner invite there any time soon.

Darius & DNS @ Amnesia in 2016 playing for Hyte.

Understanding his passion for keeping it real, the feedback he has been receiving from his fans on social media, is to keep the underground fires burning in Ibiza and not let VIP culture take over. He has an uphill battle to fight in this regard, especially if we loose Sankeys this season and he is correct in his viewpoint that the island is changing quickly. His sound is increasingly attracting an international fan base, (he plays more regularly in Italy, Spain and South America) as it stays loyal to Ibiza’s original deeper roots. At present he has not indicated what his plans are for Ibiza 2018, but wherever he ends up playing this year, its sure to have a seal of underground approval stamped on it. We wish him the best for the season ahead.