A SHM Production.

After all the rumours have been denied and dates confirmed for Ushuaia, the Swedish House Mafia relationship with Ibiza, has certainly made for interesting reading this season. Love them or hate them, the Swedish boys really know how to make money and isn’t that what everybody is about these days, especially Ibiza. The announcement by Ushuaia, of nine SHM shows, during the months of July and August, has been a real coup for the Playa Den Bossa venue. Where Privilege failed, Ushuaia have succeeded, in cleverly negotiating a deal where SHM branding belongs to Wednesdays at Ushuaia, even though the Trio will only do three shows together. The rest of the dates will be as solo artists/labels under the SHM banner.

This deal secures the SHM franchise, which, lets face it is what SHM are all about. Mc Donalds sells burgers, SHM sells commercial house music. As popular as Mc Donalds is with the 4-12 agegroup, so are SHM with the 16-24 demograph. These loyal fans will be more than happy to flock to Ushuaia every Wednesday just to be part of the SHM party and to dance and have fun to their favourite music. All nine dates are likely to sell out, such will be the demand for tickets. Ushuaia also negotiated a clear and transparent deal with SHM, which spelt out who would be present for all the nine shows. Last season SHM got away with not even showing up for some of their dates at Ushuaia. To call an event a SHM party when only one of the members is present, is pushing the boat out but it is a savvy business move and a legitimate one.

Its also clear that SHM will be performing more as solo artists, than as a Trio in the future. Why have three people doing a job when it can easily be done by one. I doubt the three million plus, fans of Swedish House Mafia, will have a problem with it either. This blog post will be the final piece I will write on Swedish House Mafia for Ibiza 2012….unless something “unusual” happens at Ushuaia later this summer………