Swedish House Mafia

In November 2011, Swedish House Mafia, made the surprise announcement that they were to depart Pacha and would not be in residency there for 2012. Reports suggest that SHM felt that they had outgrown the Ibicenco Club ( first established on the Island in 1973) and needed to broaden their horizons elsewhere. In the press release that confirmed their split with Pacha, they also added that they would be returning to Ibiza in 2012 for “a new and even more incredible adventure”. In reality, it may be the case that Ibiza will see a lot less of the Swedes in 2012.
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Due to an ever increasing work schedule, the Swedes may not have the time to commit to a regular weekly slot in Ibiza. They missed a number of Monday nights as a trio in Pacha last summer, due to commitments elsewhere. In contrast, David Guetta was present for all his Thursday night Pacha residencies during Ibiza 2011. The respect SHM have for Ibiza will be tested in 2012 as they try to find a new home on the Island.

Early 1973 Pacha Poster

Hot favourite at present is the Worlds Biggest Club Privilege, who are in need of an act like SHM to fill their 10,000 capacity club. Only two nights, Tiesto and SupermarkXe, came anywhere near to filling the old KU venue last year. Amnesia is also a runner as is Ushuaia. Space may declare an interest, but in reality do not need SHM as much as some other clubs, so would not be in a position to pander to the Swedes agenda.

The business reputation of SHM in Ibiza, is sure to be tested after their split from such a respected and influential club as Pacha. There are also reports that SHM have ended their relationship with manager Amy Thompson, who was instrumental in building up the SHM brand from scratch. Ibiza is a small Island and local business there values reputation and loyalty. How SHM is received by the Island next season, will make for interesting viewing in 2012. It would not surprise me at all, if Swedish House Mafia were not to commit to a weekly residency in Ibiza next summer, deciding instead to do once off live gigs at Privilege or Ushuaia and basing themselves in Las Vegas. The blog will keep you posted on any developments in the story.

UPDATE  http://dannykayibiza.blogspot.com/2012/01/ushuaia-enters-swedish-house-mafia.html