Swedish House Mafia

In a surprise development, chart topping Swedish House Mafia, have announced on their website that they are to depart Pacha and will not be in residence there for the 2012 season. They announced on twitter today that “After three years of hosting Mondays at Pacha Ibiza we feel its time to move on and explore more of what the beautiful isle has to offer! Its been an incredible time and we have had some amazing memories, thanks for making Pacha history with us! We’ll be seeing you next summer on a new and even more incredible adventure!”

The statement would seem to imply that they intend to play Ibiza next season, but at a venue yet to be decided. The hot favourite for the SHM 2012 residency, is the worlds biggest club Privilege, with a capacity for 10,000 people. Pacha could only hold a maximum of 3500. SHM have demonstrated that they can fill big venues and attract a loyal fanbase. Also the production of a SHM show is ideally suited to a venue like Privilege. Commercially it is the logical choice.

Unofficial news of the move was quietly leaked yesterday afternoon by a Pacha source to a well known commercial forum on the Island. SHM then tweeted the official announcment early this morning. At present there is no official statement from Pacha except for two Pacha tweets on Nov 29th and 30th which posted ironic or some could say, coincidental links,  to “Who is ready to Jump” by Chuckie and “Breakway” by Norman Doray.  Reports suggest that there was a “difference of opinion” between the pair and that Pacha were content to part ways. It seems that the goodbye was more of an “Adios”  than a “Hasta Luego” as the Swedes packed their bags and left the building.