The islands premier gay friendly party, SupermartXé, which is now the flagship party at Privilege and billed, the Worlds Best Party, is rumoured to be looking for a new home in Ibiza. It was in 2007 that promoter Nano Barea first launched SupermartXé at Privilege with a distinct flair for flamboyant Spanish fiesta and theater. At that time, La Troya, was the islands most popular and established gay party, founded by the legendary promoter Brasilo de Olivera. However in recent years, SupermartXé, has been outperforming La Troya in tickets sales which has resulted in Amnesia dropping La Troya from its Wednesday night slot. Much of  the SupermartXé success would be down to the drive of its promoter, Nano Barea, and a hard working team who have built the party around a loyal Spanish fanbase. Rumours circulating in Ibiza now suggest that SupermartXé could be leaving the troubled Privilege club, to take up a new residency at Space. A departure of SupermartXé in the wake of Elrow and Armin Van Burrens ASOT party, would paint a gloomy future for the Worlds Biggest Club.

Paris and Nano

Major artists in the industry have been departing Privilege like its a sinking ship in recent years. The club’s public owner is Jose Maria Etxaniz, a wealthy Spanish businessman with interests in the gaming industry. It has been reported that the Matutes Group own a substantial share in the club and have been a silent partner for the last decade. That position has now changed and there are rumours that a takeover bid by the Matutes Group is in the offing. This may be a reason for the flight of such high profile parties over the last two years and the Blog understands that SupermartXé has been seen checking out the Cafe Olé party at Space on Monday nights. The Matutes family are set to take control of Space in 2016, which will provide them with a late night venue after Ushuaia. Plans to build a bridge to link Ushuaia and Space have already been mooted and in 2013, Ushuaia trialed a special Enter/Luciano combination ticket for the two venues.

If SupermartXé was to move to Space, it would need to retain its Friday night residency, as it attracts a large weekend crowd from mainland Spain. The current incumbent at Space on Fridays is the Clandestine/Ferry Corsten party which is rumoured to be moving to Monday nights, supporting the speculation that SupermartXé is set to takeover Fridays at the iconic venue. If the rumours prove well founded, there will be two former Privilege Flagship parties residing in Matutes Playa Den Bossa stable for Ibiza 2015, further devaluing Privilege stock. Some well respected sources in Ibiza are forecasting difficult times ahead for Privilege, which would be a worrying development for the islands clubbing industry. The winds of change are most certainly blowing across the island this summer and the future of its most famous clubbing landmark is currently under a cloud.

UPDATE; 12/3/15 SupermartXe now expected to remain at Privilege for 2015 Ibiza season.