London Rock Band Suede for Ibiza Rocks?

London Aternative Rock group, Suede, are rumored to be in the mix for Ibiza Rocks on August 24th. The Live gig venue, located in the old Club Paraiso complex in San Antonio, is gradually building on the quality of its acts each season. Now firmly established on the European circuit, Ibiza Rocks is in a position to attract the heavy hitters of the English Rock scene. The team at Ibiza Rocks have worked hard to establish the brand, which started out in a back room in Privilege over 6 years ago.

Bar M was part of the old Manumission brand which then became Ibiza Rocks. It built up a reputation of spotting young emerging talent, and was one of the first venues to spot London songwriter Mika when he played Ibiza Rocks in Privilege as an unknown. If Ibiza Rocks can secure the services of Suede, it will signal the brands coming of age and will help ensure that other leading rock bands take notice of Ibiza as a serious rock destination. At present Ibiza Rocks lists the 24th of August headline act as “Very Special Guests“. Bret Anderson of Suede has a house in Ibiza, so he wont have to travel too far to the gig if it becomes a reality.