Space Ibiza 2024. Its Happening!

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The recent announcement of The Space Ibiza Opening party lineup, scheduled to take place at Club Eden in Sant Antoni this summer, has surprised many on the island. It was widely believed that the original Space Ibiza branding would not return under its founder Pepe Rosello stewardship due to ongoing legal disputes over ownership of the brand. However, the release of the opening party lineup has changed that perception, revealing several significant names that indicate a new direction for Space Ibiza.

One of the most notable names on the lineup is that of Simon Dunmore, the former founder of Defected Records. As a veteran of the Ibiza scene in the 90s, Dunmore is well-versed in Ibiza club politics and culture, making his involvement in the new Space Ibiza venture particularly significant. He is a battle-hardened operator having swam with the sharks of the island’s players and survived the experience. He would not be lending his name to an event that was not going to happen. Dunmore, up until last year, was associated with Defected until he stood down soon before its new CEO, Wez Sanders, announced that Defected would be leaving Eden for a daytime slot at the Matutes-owned Ushuaia Beach Hotel. So to see him associated with the Space Ibiza branding now is significant.

Another name of note is that of long-time Cafe Mambo resident DJ Jason Bye. He would be carrying the colours of Javi Anadon, a powerful name in Sant Antoni with a large arsenal of business assets catering predominantly to the British market. The Mambo group have been trading in Sant Antoni since 1987 and are experienced and politically shrewd operators. Their name being associated, albeit by proxy is also significant. Simon Dunmore and Javi Anadon are good friends and the Defected preparties at Cafe Mambo were very well received over the past few seasons. In an interview with this Blog Javi expressed his admiration for Pepe Rosello stating that Sant Antoni “lost someone important” when Pepe left for Playa den Bossa.  The blog understands that other big names are prepared to jump from hyperspace and declare with the new Space Ibiza party at Eden.

Their delay may be due in part, to any possible legal assault taken against the expeditionary forces being sent to the surface of Ibiza. They have survived on the planet’s surface for a full week which is a positive sign, as the powerful Spanish Franco alliance of Ushuaia Entertainment was expected to denounce the ownership rights of Space Ibiza to operate at Eden. The Matutes group have not hidden their light behind a bushel concerning their ownership of the Space Ibiza branding. They have a legitimate claim to the Space name as they employed it before Pepe Rosello arrived on the scene. Some people forget Space was an after-party venue before it became Space Ibiza. However, it was Pepe Rosello who built it into an award-winning and much-loved club and he at the very minimum, owns the intellectual rights to the Space Ibiza branding.

Space Ibiza is not complete without Carl Cox.

The longer the Space Ibiza branding stays up at Eden, the better it is for the potential survival of the party as it casts doubt over who owns the rights to trade it in Ibiza. If it was a clean, clear shot then Matutes would have blasted it into another dimension by now. The fact that he has hesitated would lead some to question that his title claim to Space Ibiza may be a complicated one. However, it could also be a trap as he awaits the arrival of the full rebel fleet before opening fire as nothing escapes the ears of The Empire’s agents. The rebels are much better organised this time regarding their promotion and strategy employed. It does not carry the hallmarks of Pepe’s old modus operandi but a modern slicker one that has been seen on the island before.

Pepe Rosello, the former owner of Space Ibiza, has been missing in action since the announcement, leading some people to believe that the expedition party is too risky for him to lead. This situation is reminiscent of Luke Skywalker’s disappearance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But I think, like in the movie, he will be found.

Many people of my generation believe that Space Ibiza is not complete without Carl Cox. Rumours suggest that the Big Man may appear this summer, but the people behind those rumours are known for leaking information that benefits them. While it’s easy to pull together a wish list and leak it, it’s another thing to make it an official confirmation for both the promoter and the DJs involved. However, if Carl Cox confirms his appearance, then expect many other big names to follow. To get a sense of those names, one can look at the Space Riccione lineups owned by Guisseppe Cipriani. A very interesting Riccione booking was for the Italians Tale Of Us, who were residents at Space Ibiza before they defected to Hi.

I wouldn’t worry about Eden’s ability to stage a rebooted Space Ibiza. The club has excellent acoustics and is the right size to host such a party. While it may not attract the masses, it will have a dedicated following, especially if Simon Dunmore is involved. This will give clubbers a reason to stay in Sant Antoni. Additionally, its prime Friday night billing will appeal to weekend clubbers visiting from the UK. Do I think it will be successful? Yes, I do. It has the potential to be so, and currently, it is one of the most exciting parties on the island this summer.

Next week in a blog titled The Battle For Portmany, we will take a closer look at the political, cultural and economic alliances at play behind the emergence of the Space Ibiza party in Sant Antoni.

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