In a move akin to Rooney signing for Man City, Solomun and his Diynamic crew, have transferred to Amnesia for one night only this summer. It’s a big news story and one that is sure to keep the fires of an already overheated Ibiza 2018 season, stoked up. Solomun has been Ibiza’s most valuable player for the past three years, and Pacha have been fighting a rearguard action from rival competitors such as Amnesia and Ushuaia to keep him at their club. Solomun commands a gold plated contract that is the envy of many, none more so than the owners of Amnesia, the Ferrer family. They have been chasing Solomun like a starstruck teenager, ever since they lost his affections after a botched Cova Santa move in 2014, the year Solomun and Diynamic departed Sankeys.

The main benefactor of the Cova Santa crash was Pacha, who were conveniently on hand to rescue Solomun and his crew and find them a plush new home at Destino. Much to Amnesia’s angst, Pacha and Solomun embarked on an affair that was the talk of the island and soon established Sunday nights at Pacha, as one of the most trendy underground parties on the calendar. Pacha had been searching many years for a party that could lend them underground credibility, and in Solomun, they had finally found their man but at a price, as he was soon commanding a contract that was near equal to David Guetta’s, due mainly to the interest Amnesia had in taking him back to San Rafel.

While Amnesia were chasing Solomun’s attentions, Pacha cheekily nicked Sven Vath and Cocoon out from under their noses, leaving the score 2-0 to the Cherries. While Solomun has played for other clubs like DC10 under the Diynamic banner in the past, yesterday’s declaration for Amnesia was more than just a mere gig listing, it was a crossing of the rubicon in the shark infested waters of Ibiza club politics. We have already written about the Midas Touch of Solomun and it will be interesting to see what implications this move has for his future.

With new, fresh artists like Black Coffee now arriving on the stage, and uncertainty ahead for an already oversaturated techno scene, it’s a risky time to be playing high stake poker games. What happened to Luciano, is sure to be at the back of every DJ management team’s mind in Ibiza, as one false move can lead to devaluation of your fee, the Freddy Krueger nightmare for all image led DJs. Ibiza is changing, how long the industry can afford to absorb such high DJ costs in a market that is evolving faster than ever before, is the challenge for the future. One thing that can be said for sure at this stage, is that we can expect the Sold Out signs for Solomun and Diynamic at Amnesia on Monday July 23 to go up early, for what is expected to be one of the hot ticket events of the Ibiza 2018 season.