Q’s Outside Ushuaia For Snoop Dogg

American Rapper, Snoop Dogg, threatened to cancel his Ibiza gig which took take place at Ushuaia Beach Hotel last night. The drama began on Friday at 17.00 CET when Snoop Dogg posted a video on Instagram where he threatened to fly to Belgium if the promoter of the event, William Morris Entertainment, did not pay for a private Jet from Vienna to Ibiza. In the video Snoop Dogg claimed that he was stuck in Vienna Airport for seven hours and warned the promoter  “you better hurry the fuck up” and pay for a Jet to Ibiza or he was off to Belgium. An hour later he Tweeted “We headin to Brussles sorry Ibiza the promoter fucked up”. Confusion and long Q’s started to form outside Ushuaia Hotel as punters waited for information to filter through about the status of the event. Not long after the dramatic post which had fans worried that the show would cancel ,Snoop Dogg posted another video on Instagram where he confirmed that “the motherfucker (promoter) finally paid the pilot to get us on the flight” and that he would be playing the gig. A clearly angered Snoop Dogg added that “you fags better have my mother fucking money when I get there you bitch”. Snoop Dogg was due to go on stage at 22.00 but the drama delayed his arrival to Ibiza. Ushuaia has a licence that stipulates music must stop at Midnight and it was a race for Snoop Dogg to perform his full show at the venue which is located next to the airport. Ushuaia Beach Hotel then confirmed on Twitter that “Snoop Dogg is on his way” and that doors for the gig are now open.  Ushuaia later updated its running order for the show with Snoop Dogg rescheduled for 00.30 and a finish at 02.30, with Pete Tong and DJ Sneak deputising for the delayed Dogg.

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