This is a common question that is submitted on the Tripadvisor Ibiza forums, and I usually advise people to wait until they arrive on the Island before they purchase.

The reasons for this are simple. Confining yourself to a time and date in Ibiza may not be a good idea, as its very easy to get caught up in the moment when having a good time. On the other hand if there is a particular night or DJ that you want to attend, then its best to buy online before you leave home.

For the big nights like David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia, Cream, Cocoon, SupermartXe, Carl Cox or any of the big name DJ’s, it can be difficult to track down tickets, especially for Pacha as it has the smallest capacity. Also these premium tickets rarely discount, so for peace of mind and assurance that you will get into the club, then its best to buy online before you arrive on the Island.  I have found local company Ibiza Hire, who are affiliated to a major ticket outlet, are the safest and cheapest place to purchase tickets. Tickets usually come online for sale a month in advance.

There are things to be wary about when you purchase tickets from some outlets on the Island. Ensure that the ticket does not have a restricted entry time on it. Some of the free or discounted wristbands or tickets will only allow access to the club before 1am or midnight. These tickets are offered so that a club can attract clubbers to arrive early, before the big crowds descend on the door between 1am-2am. It gets punters into the club so it doesnt look empty and the club recoups the discount if an expensive drink is purchased. Think of these tickets as “Early Bird” deals like you find in restaurants.

Also if a person has the good luck to appear stylish, sexy or beautiful, their chances of receiving free entry to some clubs increases, as promoters will want to have these attractive people, especially Females, in their club…… sexy people make for a sexy club…. In this case they will walk up to you (especially on beaches in San An and Bossa) and hand out a wristband that allows guest list entry

Dont be afraid to approach the people handing out the wristbands and ask for one, or annoy them with persistent pestering until they pay out……just to get you to go away!

Playa Den Bossa beach, near Bora Bora beach bar is a good area for free wristbands.