The S’Arenal Beach Promenade Blackspot.

The happy and fun filled resort of San Antonio, is in danger of becoming a no go area after midnight, due to the number of tourists being mugged and assaulted as they walk home late at night. The promenade from the port area, down along S’Arenal beach towards the Bay, has become a blackspot for attacks on tourists. A number of vicious attacks and stabbings have been reported in recent months and only last Saturday morning, a tourist was attacked by three men who dragged him onto the beach and robbed him at knifepoint. The victim was stabbed in the attack and was treated in Hospital for a superficial injury. Early on Sunday morning, two tourists were assaulted in the same area. One had his jaw broken and the other received a head injury. Three teenage youths were arrested by local police and are expected to be charged with the attacks.

In darkness, the area becomes a fertile hunting ground for prostitutes, drug sellers, and muggers. Once the crowds start to dissipate after midnight, to be replaced by drunken tourists walking home alone from the bars and clubs, they become easy targets in the unlit areas of the walkway. There have been a number of vicious assaults this summer and many went unreported. Only last month, local businessmen hired a private security firm to patrol some well know blackspots in San Antonio town, routes popular with tourists as they returned to their hotels after a night out. This private initiative now needs to be rolled out even further, to ensure the safety of tourists in San Antonio. While the Police can only do so much, there needs to be a constant preventative patrol along the S’Arenal Beach promenade after midnight, or else San Antonio will have its reputation seriously tarnished by lack of action to protect its tourists. Staying quiet and pretending that the problem is not there is not going to work anymore. Ibiza urgently needs to stop playing politics, take action and start protecting visitors to their Island before its too late. At least inform tourists at the Airport to be aware of pickpockets and that thieves are in operation and for the tourist not to leave their brains on the plane. I for one do not want to see a beautiful town like San Antonio, become a home for muggers, thief’s and prostitutes. I hope San Antonio, does not want this reputation either.