The Iconic Domed Roof of Privilege Ibiza

The 20 year old Dutch national, who was seriously injured in a freak accident at the Worlds Biggest Club, Privilege, is reported to be in a stable condition in Hospital. The man who worked with the sound and lighting crew of Armin Van Buurens, A State Of Trance party, was crushed when a heavy piece of machinery fell on him during final checks for the party on Monday, 23rd of September last. It is understood that the man had just joined the team and it was his first time to work at Privilege. His condition has improved considerably, after a medically induced coma and life support was administered on arrival. A spokesman for Privilege confirmed that “he has had a good weekend and continues to make progress. He is in a stable condition and thankfully everything is running well. We are monitoring his condition daily and we hope that he will make a speedy recovery“.

Privilege was originally opened in 1978 as the famous open air KU club. In the early nineties, the shape of the club that stands today was constructed after a roof was installed to comply with noise pollution laws. Not long after the roof was installed, it collapsed and bankrupted its previous owners. Its current owner, the charismatic, Jose Maria Etxaniz, is a wealthy businessman with interests in the gaming industry. It is also rumoured that the powerful Matutes family, own a 40% shareholding in the club. Both men would be in a position to redesign the club as it has not seen any structural improvements for over two decades. It currently stands like a museum piece in San Rafel and if it is to regain the glory days of the Ku and Manumission eras, hard decisions on its future will have to be made. Ibiza without Privilege would not be the same but in recent years the club is finding it harder to fill the venue past 50% capacity.

The Vista room has been a success, due mainly to the residency of the Elrow party. The future of that party at Privilege is now in doubt, as rival clubs court Elrows new concept kerclub for Ibiza 2014. What is missing at Privilege is love and it is sad to see such an iconic venue become tattered around the edges. Ibiza owes a debt of gratitude to Privilege as the venue musically, put the island on the international map. Rumours that the club will remain closed indefinitely were discounted by management who confirmed that the Closing party will take place next Friday. With the popularity of daytime parties, it may not be such a bad idea to take the roof off Privilege and return it to an open air venue, with the Vista Room remaining as an indoor club. This direction is been considered by the Matutes Group for Ushuaia-Space with an underground tunnel been mooted to connect the two venues.  A return to the glory days of KU/Privilege is what everybody in Ibiza wants – lets hope a new dawn beckons for the much loved Ibicenco venue.