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PP Walk The Plank In Ibiza Poolgate Scandal

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Written by Dan Kirwan

Just when life seemed to be smooth sailing for new San Antonio Mayor Marcos Serra, his PP led Government has come under intense pressure from the socialist opposition after it was revealed its finance officer had illegally built a swimming pool on his land. The scandal couldn’t happen at a worse time for Serra’s Council as it oversees billions of euro worth of development and investment projects for the Municipality, which is embarking on its new luxury driven destination plan for its future.

I would guess there are a certain few businessmen getting worried right now as the PP led council heads for the rocks, with its Captain expected to go down with the ship if the socialists can form a new Government, which they are in a strong position to do so, thanks to the PP party shooting itself in the foot and losing a man overboard. As scandals go in Ibiza this is third division fare and the PP had hoped they could weather the storm and keep their man onboard.

Marcos Serra had been the new poster boy for the PP party in Ibiza, an organisation steeped in corruption and Nationally leaking votes to its far right cousin VOX. The PP had hoped that Serra would  help change its image and the young Alcade was doing a good job, bringing people together and genuinely working hard for the good of his community. Local politics is a dog eat dog business and Serra on this occasion is the one left holding the dirty PP baby, which is unfortunate, as the young Mayor had a bright future which is now affected due to the sins of his party.

Will the resignation and Serras frank apology be enough to save his administration currently into its second year of its four year office? Sadly in politics there is no room for sentiment and already there are rumours that his coalition partners are negotiating a deal to elect a new Mayor but are hampered due to other council members licencing records coming under the microscope. I get the feeling this could open up a can of worms for the San An council and this incident has legs, with some “unfinished business” points to score. However we expect a result one way or the other in June and we will keep you updated on its exciting progress.

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