While Hi and Amnesia have been grabbing all the headlines over the past two years, Pacha, has been stealthily flying under the radar. Its a very Ibicenco trait to keep your business private, away from envious eyes and those that could sccuper your ship. In any other year, the sale of Pacha by the Urgell family to a corporate entity like Trilantic, would have been headline news for months, but it was overshadowed by the fall of Space and the rise of Hi, in clubland terms an event akin to the sacking of Ibiza by the Catalans in 1235. This year Pacha have been playing their cards close to their chest, staying in the game but letting others raise the stakes. One gets the feeling they have a couple of trump cards in reserve and are just about ready to play them.

Sending out a message of real intent, they bought in early to a high stakes game by securing the services of Sven Vath and Cocoon, a crafty steal from under the noses of Amnesia who did not see it coming. It was a clever and astute move and one that had all the hallmarks of professional hitman, or in this case, a hitwoman. Jessica McCarthy is currently the music director and event manager for Pacha, having arrived on the island in 2004 as a fresh faced 18 year old, working her first job handing out wristbands for Space outside Pacha. She learned much alongside Danny Whittle, before taking over her mentor’s job in 2016, becoming the first female music director in Ibiza to hold such an infulencial position. Her warm personality and professional respect has helped Pacha retain and win over the signatures of some big name DJ’s this season and rumours suggest there are more to follow.

Pacha Music Director & Event Manager Jessica Capaz McCarthy

The identity of the new Tuesday night party at Pacha is currently the hot topic of gossip on everybodys lips right now. There are a number of names being mentioned to replace Maceo Plex and his Mosaic party, which could transfer to Privilege and fill the Thursday night Vista Room slot left vacant by Afterlife. Favourite to be Pacha’s weapon of choice to replace Maceo is currently Norman Cook, aka, Fatboy Slim. In what would be seen as another big steal from Amnesia, Fatboy Tuesdays would be a very snug fit for the new look Pacha which is concentrating much of its financial firepower on devloping its brand this season, with a multi million euro refurbishment of the old club and a DJ wages bill breaking the €30 million barrier, the biggest ever of its kind for any one club in Ibiza.

With Solomun, David Guetta, Sven Vath, Bob Sinclar and Hot Since 82 already confirmed, and strong whispers suggesting a Fatboy Slim residency, Pacha have put together a very polished looking program. Mc Carthy has certainly flexed her muscles giving the boys something to think about this summer, especially if she is successfull in her quest to sign another big name on the Ibiza clubbing circuit for his first ever performance at Pacha. She would have know him from her days at Space and if he declares for Pacha this summer, the brand will have secured a royal seal of approval. Pacha have being playing an ice cool waiting game of poker and when they lay their cards on the table, everybody will be surprised to see the face of the ace up their sleeve.