Noman Is An Island Crew 2013

Two Boats, 72 hours and 200 miles, that’s the challenge facing a group of amateur rowers who set off today to raise awareness and funds for HPV related cancer research. The three day, Noman Is An Island, endurance test will take place on the Mediterranean sea starting in Barcelona today and finishing in Ibiza port on Wednesday. The two teams made up of five rowers in each have been in training for the race for the last number of months. Team Isabel is made up of New York Ice Hockey payer Tristan Almada, Dan Zelezinski, Edward Knight, Alex Van Moll, and Chris Wardrop. Team Danielle comprises of Olympic Rowing Gold Medallist Mark Hunter, Pierre Andurand, rower Andrew Toumazi, Gyp Tessier and Pierre Lacaze. The race aims to raise awareness about the carcinogen HPV, which is responsible for 5% of cancers worldwide and highlight its connection to men. The race will also raise funds for the HPV and the Anal Cancer Foundation programs.

In preparation for the Row, Teams Danielle and Isabel have been coached on how to row by Mark Hunter and spent months in physical training, sea-faring skills, VHF and first aid courses.  The idea behind the Med Row was to create a unique endurance experience which represented the struggle and isolation that many cancer patients feel – especially those who carry an extremely challenging stigma – the emotional anxiety of a diagnosis can sometimes be worse than the side effects of the physical treatment.  The NOMAN team also want the wider public to know that 80% of people are exposed to HPV at some point in their life and it causes 5% of cancer cases – a figure that is increasing, not decreasing.

Once the boat has left port in Barcelona, these novice rowers will be left alone with their thoughts in the expanse of the Mediterranean, their driving mission to meet family and friends in Ibiza.  The mental and physical endurance required will result in a life-changing achievement.  We wish them nothing but good luck and success. More details, pictures and an easy way to donate to the fund can be made through the Noman Website.