Nikki Beach Not All About The Music

The American born, luxury lifestyle concept that is Nikki Beach, is now set for a July launch in Ibiza this summer. The family owned and operated business, created on Miami Beach in 1998, is hoping to open its twelfth outlet, at the quiet and small tourist resort of S’Aragamassa, located between Santa Eularia and Es Cana on the eastern coast of the island. The developer of the project is, Melia Hotels International, who own the site that Nikki Beach will operate on. A June opening was originally planned, but due to building licencing issues, Melia International had to stop work for over two weeks as the licencing problem was rectified. Those problems now seem to be resolved, as work restarted on the project last Monday. A July 11th Grand Opening party, is now the schedule, according to Nikki Beach Global Communications director, Ms Julie Fogel. While most people in the area are rightly concerned about the impact the development may have on the local environment, Ms Fogel has stated that “Nikki Beach would never do anything do disrespect the beauty of the area or the people that live and holiday there”.

“Nikki Beach was established fifteen years ago and we are primarily a day time beach club and restaurant offering a quality service and product….we are not a night club. We have always had good relationships with the communities we have opened in throughout the world and we will continue to do so in Ibiza” commented Ms Fogel. The site where Nikki Beach is opening, was an enclosed playground area and kids club for the Sol S’Aragamassa Hotel. There was always a structure in place on the site and reports that it may impact on an old Roman aqueduct in the vicinity are misleading, as the project remains within the boundaries of the original playground area. In fact, the new refurbishment should improve the look of the location which was in the main, dusty scrub land. No trees were removed and very little change, apart from a new look pool and restaurant building has taken place. Speaking to local hotel managers in the area, the majority were welcoming of the new venture as they feel it will improve the family product on offer.

Rendered Layout of New Concept in Ibiza

For many people who holiday and live in the area, noise pollution is their biggest fear. I put this question to Julie and she had this to say “While there will be music played, it will be at a level where people can talk and have a meal with their families and friends. This is important to us, good quality food and an ambient, social atmosphere. We are an original lifestyle concept and seeing the smiling faces of our guests, means everything to us. We most certainly will not be pumping out loud or hard house music, as we respect the environment around us. The first Nikki Beach was a garden at 1 Ocean Drive Miami Beach, so we understand and appreciate the beauty of the area and we want to be a part of this, not change it. Our business is mostly a day and evening trade and like all entertainment in the area, Nikki Beach will close at midnight.” I have always maintained that’s its the people behind the concept that reflect its true ethos. In my experience to date with Nikki Beach, they seem to be honest and good people, who want to bring a concept similar to the indigenous Pacha style, to Ibiza. As an Irishman, I can relate to the warm and genuine personality of the America people and I think they will get on well with the local Ibicenco community, as they both have similar traits. While some development projects may be not be so good for Ibiza, I feel Nikki Beach is different and deserves its opportunity to show what it is about. It is not a new site….just an old one being redeveloped. The blog will be keeping a close eye on this story and will update with any relevant news.