One of the Islands most popular local festivals, is the “Nit De Sant Joan”, held every year in the pretty northern village of  Sant Joan, around the time of the summer solstice. The event has pagan origins along with a Christian theme, as the June 23rd date, also celebrates the birthday of John the Baptist, a major religious figure who was responsible for both the prophecy and baptism of Jesus.

The Islands strong Catholic background makes the event a more Christian celebration but the pagan themes still exist, especially with the ritual of the Jumping of the Fires. This ritual, whereby people jump through a series of bonfires, is performed to cleanse souls of evil spirits and negative influences. It is also known as the “Night of the Bonfires” in Ibiza. Its a hugely popular event and the small village is crowded for the party which has music and performing arts at its core.

As its located off the beaten tourist track, its more of a Spanish party but many holidaymakers make the effort to visit, timing their holidays to coincide with the date. If travelling to the event, make sure to arrive before 16.00, as parking is impossible, with five mile tailbacks into the village not uncommon. Its well worth the effort as its a unique celebration of different cultures and alternative themes and typically Ibicenco.