Sushiya Ibiza

An exciting new Sushi Bar called Sushiya, has just opened in Ibiza. Located on Plaza De Sa Drassaneta, not far from the infamous Calle De Virgin and to the rear of the Old Market, Sushiya, is a welcome addition to the Islands International cuisine restaurants. 
Chef Hiedki Aoyama describes the concept of Sushiya “To give an idea, the bar represents a hybrid between a sushiya 寿司屋 and a izakaya 居酒屋, not forgetting much tachinomiya立ち飲み屋.

The strength of the menu is Sushi, but don’t expect it to be a traditional restaurant, because what we love is the izakaya ‘Tapa Formula’ as well as having a quick bite at the bar, on foot, as happens in a tachinomiya. Not to mention the Sake (sakaya = Sake shop) / nomi = to drink), just like in the establishments which inspire us”.Sushiya is well worth a visit for the person who loves fine and authentic sushi when in Ibiza. More details can be found here