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New Ibiza Tourism Model Unveiled By Carmen Matutes

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Written by Dan Kirwan

With the island of Ibiza currently in a state of flux transition, off course and drifting after a battering from storm Covid 19, a new dawn in the White Isle’s colourful history beckons. Leading the flotilla of ships setting sail for New Ibiza, is the Matutes Group, who own or control most of the island after generations of shrewd investment and the ability to adapt quickly to changes in the environment, an Ibicenco trait honed after centuries of adjusting to the many different cultures that invaded the island.

In 2012 Groupo Matutes invested into the clubbing industry via their partnership with the Pissenemn Brothers, the creative and driving force behind Ibiza’s musical direction, who helped them turn an old and tired 70’s Fiesta Hotel into the trendy Ushuaia brand that we see today. However the family’s main wealth is derived from their sizable property portfolio around the world. They recently added Italy and Menorca to their stable of countries donning the Palladium silks alongside more established hotels in The Caribbean and Mexico.

Recognised as shrewd, risk averse professionals in the tourism industry with a penchant for partnerships, the Matutes have enjoyed the Midas touch ever since they arrived on Balearic shores back in the 14th century. This week the company released a brand new promotional video showcasing New Ibiza and what it will look like and as the crew filmed on the elegantly beautiful yacht Aligon off the coast of San Antonio, they were treated to a magical sunset and the appearance of a wild Dolphin that played and splashed alongside the boat as the camera crew filmed.

I expect Boats to become an important component in the New Ibiza luxury project which will be rolled out next season with financial support available from the Pedro Sanchez Government to help business turn away from the rusting 18-30 business model, which now smells like an old Ibicenco villa in the middle of winter, damp and mouldy. This market is predominantly controlled by the expats in San Antonio who have shown nothing but contempt for local government decisions which they see as killing their businesses, a perspective many Ibicencos will view as a positive development ridding the island of mass tourism, by simply pricing the bottom feeders out of the market, which will appease the environmentalists and those wanting to protect the islands dwindling natural resources.

lack of promotion afforded to the clubbing sector is another indicator that indoor Clubs will not open this summer

What is most recognisable from the promotional video, apart from its quality production skills, is the total lack of promotion afforded to the clubbing sector which in my view, is another indicator that the indoor Clubs will not open this summer in any format.  It’s clear from watching the 12 minute video, which follows Palladium Hotel Group Manager Carmen Matutes, older sister of Palladium President, Able Matutes, around her favourite spots on the island, that Ibiza is prioritising health and safety and taking no chances with the virus in case it risks impacting on a fragile system when and if it returns.


Below is the video in full presented by Ms Matutes with assured ease, reflecting a Joan Collins style in front of the camera. The Ibicencos are natural hosts and some of the best in the World in my opinion, their warm and relaxed style of hospitality ensuring guests return year after year to their beautiful island which now has time to shine and be the star attraction as the loud alien noise from the clubs begins to fade away after five decades of banging beats

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