Mystery Surrounds The Disappearance of David Guetta in Ibiza.

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Written by Dan Kirwan

Acclaimed DJ and producer David Guetta, who has residencies at Hi and Ushuaia, has missed his last two gigs in Ibiza. The first no-show was at Hi for his Future Rave party last Friday night, and the Frenchman also went AWOL for his FMIF party at Ushuaia on Monday, disappointing fans and clubbers who had sold out the event. To date there was no explanation from Ushuaia Entertainment, the owners of Hi and Ushuaia or Guettas management team regarding his non-appearance.

It is rare for Guetta to miss a booked performance in Ibiza. In my 25 years visiting the island, apart from one occasion, I do not recall him being absent from any party. He is the ultimate professional in work, so Guetta not turning up for two gigs in a row has raised eyebrows on the island.

Fans took to social media to voice their disappointment. “I can’t believe this. You had a sold-out show in Ushuaia and just didn’t bother to show up? You owe us a damn good explanation for this massive letdown,” posted one fan on Guetta’s Instagram account. Ushuaia Entertainment did notify fans late on Friday afternoon that Guetta would not be appearing, offering a full refund on tickets, and on Sunday night, they informed ticket holders that he would not be appearing at Ushiuaia on Monday. 

Evolving story

In the absence of official explanations, there have been a raft of rumours circulating on the island regarding the non-appearances. However, the blog understands that Guetta was ill for the two dates and is recovering in Ibiza. It is uncertain when the Frenchman will return to his residencies at Hi and Ushuaia, but a statement is expected from Ushuaia Entertainment and David Guetta within 24 hours. The blog will update this story as it evolves, so keep an eye on our socials. 

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