Mark Kinchen, a.k.a, MK, one of the most influential producers in the industry, is rumoured to be departing Pacha next year. Speculation at this early stage suggests that the Detroit born DJ is heading to arch rival Amnesia to host his Area 10 event, which will most likely attract some polished and trendy house names. Amnesia it seems have already poached Aoki from Pacha and were very close to signing Solomun back in 2013 before the Croatian DJ decided to remain at the club where he has proved popular with the all important VIP tables, which dictate much of its music policy. Jessica McCarthy is currently the music director at Pacha alongside its manager Francisco Ferrer, who is now part of the furniture at the club.

Much has changed at Pacha since the departure of Danny Whittle, and not all of it has been for the better. The demise of Pacha Magazine from a much loved and respected production into the cold and corporate advertising brochure it is today, combined with an unsettled music program in recent years, would suggest that the cherries are not as ripe as they used to be. There are rumours that the club plans to replace Steve Aoki with a new underground party, but Pacha has always sailed against the wind in trying to appeal to the underground scene in Ibiza. Guy Gerber was about as underground as it ever got and that party lasted just two seasons, as underground clubbers could not reconcile attending a venue and culture which catered primarily to VIP tables.

As Pacha wanes in influence, Amnesia grows in power. Both clubs were founded in the hippy ethos of the 70’s, but it was Amnesia that moved faster with trends and modern culture, to become a slick business operation and the islands leading club, especially in recent years. It operates a different business model to Pacha as it accommodates volume, where Pacha with its much lower capacity, has to concentrate on quality, hense the prevalence of its VIP areas. Pacha needs to tread more carefully with its music brand and decisions it makes over the coming seasons, could make or break an asset it has worked hard to build and have knock on implications for the rest of its business. One gets the feeling that the music, may not be, the main priority at Pacha anymore.