Having arrived on the shores of Ibiza as an unknown DJ in 2012, Mladen Solomun, has enjoyed a meteoric rise to the premier league of the islands most influential and well paid artists. They say only cream and sons of bitches rise to the top and Solomun would be considered the cream of Ibiza’s talent, and a very luxurious one at that. His manager Daniel Schoeps, who holds a masters degree in Sociology, has astutely guided the career of Solomun from earning peanuts at Sankeys less than five years ago, to banking a multi million euro contract at Pacha for his Solomun +1 shows. As this years most valuable player on the Ibiza clubbing scene, it seems Pacha’s new American owners are winning the race to keep him on their team, facing down stiff competition from Hi and Amnesia.

We know very little about the adoptive parents of Pacha, as they trade under the buyout firm Trilantic Europe who own a diverse portfolio of assets. They have no previous experience in the Clubbing industry, having emerged from the Lehman Brothers Merchant Banking sector in 2009, but they are regarded as shrewd investors with the ability to raise billions of euro of capital when required. They have appointed Spaniard, Oscar Ruiz del Rio as the new Pacha CEO with the backing of its founder Ricardo Urgell. Considered a safe pair of hands at boardroom level, he is expected to rubber stamp the clubs big budget DJ bill for the foreseeable future.

Pacha pays out over €18 million a year to its DJ’s and one would expect that Solomun, as its star player, to pocket over 20% of that amount alongside David Guetta, whose salary of €3.2 Million was publicly disclosed in 2014. Those pay packets have risen again in recent years and with much more street cred than Guetta, who was earning only €150 a night when he first started at Pacha in 1996, Solomun now commands a Kings ransom in only his fifth season at the Club. He is certainly a man with the Midas touch and he looks set to take at least one more juicy bite of the Ibiza cherries that have helped propel his career like no other DJ in the islands illustrious history.