Ibiza has many places of interest to visit, that are free, or just have a small nominal charge. A car is essential in Ibiza if a person wants to truly appreciate the diverse options available.

Ibiza has 4 main areas that attract holidaymakers.

1) Excursions and activities associated with the Sea, diving, fishing, sailing, parasailing, boating,aquariums and pleasure craft fun.

2) The Islands rich History, which has seen many different cultures pass through its lands, leaving ancient buildings and monuments behind. There are museums, churches, galleries, pirate watch towers, smuggler caves and sites of historical interest all over this small Island, not to mention the Fiestas associated with the culture of its people.

3) Sporting activities such as cycling, horse riding, trekking, mountain biking, and golf. There are dedicated cycling and walking routes of all grades.

4) Music, Dance and nightclubs. Ibiza is best know for its Superclubs and music industry. Many bars and venues cater to a wide range of different music attracting an international, cosmopolitan crowd of young at heart people.

I have visited many of the above attractions down through the years, and I would consider these options as the must do’s of Ibiza.

 A visit to the World Heritage site of Dalt Villa


Dalt Villa means high town. Within its fine renaissance walls, built in the 12th century, are the ruins of 4 civilisations. Today, a Christian Catalan cathedral stands at the top of the hill which has many steps to reach. There are guided historical tours, and it may be advisable to avoid visiting the site during the hot heat of midday to 4pm. I would suggest either early in the morning 9-10 am and then go for lunch, or 5pm-9pm and then stroll down to the marina area for some tapas or dinner.

A shopping trip alongside the streets of La Marina in Ibiza town

la marina

Just outside the walls of Dalt Villa is the old fisherman quarter of La Marina, with its whitewashed, narrow, enclosed streets, full of street vendors, artists, shops and bars. This cosmopolitan port area is home to flashy yachts and ships and its a bustling hive of activity and colourful people from 9pm onwards. Best time to visit would be from 8-11pm and give yourself a good 2-3 hours to wander aimlessly around, stoping for a leisurely drink along the way. Be sure to barter and negotiate a good price with bar owners and street vendors and never accept their first offer.

The nature reserve of Es Vedrà, es Vedranell.

es vedra

Home to the mystical and imposing Island of Es Vedra. Its powerfull presence has to be experienced first hand to understand its attraction. Folklore says the island was home to Homers Sirens, as well as the gateway to the mythical city of Atlantis. Most local fisherman avoid the area and will not land on the Island although there are boat trips around  the rock and to the nearby hippy area of Atlantis, an old Phoenician quarry with  strange rock sculptures and carvings. A small, outboard motor boat can be hired from the beach at Cala D Hort to go and sail around this eerie rock. I would advise visiting the area for the day. Bring a beach towel and swimwear and relax on the beautiful beach of Cala D’Hort , while taking a break for refreshments at the popular Es Bodaldo restaurant on the beach, with lots of other facilities present also. Sunset here is spectacular and awe inspiring around the rock.


Sunset on the western coast or the Sunset Strip of San Antonio.

Ibiza sunset- contemporary photography - Mary Dee

Ibiza is famous for its magical and romantic sunsets and every trip to the Island should include time out to witness the spiritual and reflecting aura of sunset, where the mind is captivated without thought. Do it the organic way by sitting on a rock or beach in solitude or with a beautiful musical soundtrack in the background. The area outside Cafe Mambo and Cafe Del Mar is where thousands of people from all different backgrounds and nationalities,  mingle to witness the sun setting together as one. Its a powerful moment when everybody claps at the precise time when the sun drops down below the horizon.


A Visit To Benirras Beach for the Hippy Sunset.

bennirsSunday at the beautiful bay of Benirras on the north west coast of the Island, a number of Hippies arrive on the beach with drums and musical instruments to serenade sunset. Its a spiritual event that taps into the mystic energy and vibe thats present on the Island.

Hundreds of people come to join the raw, prehistoric abandon that starts to build  up to sunset with the tempo rising to a crescendo of drums and chanting.

Arrive to the Beach early, as the crowds descend on the bay from 3pm onwards, leaving very little room to park. It may be a good idea to head to the beach for the day, sunbathe have lunch and take in the beautiful and stunning scenery of the surrounding parkland.


Ball Pages Tradational Dancing

Ball-Pagès-by-The-Hotel-SpecialistEvery Thursday at 6pm, in the courtyard of the 14th century Church of San Miguel de Balansat, perched on top of a hill in the North of Ibiza, the dance of the Ball Pages is performed. Translated as “Country Dance” it is also considered a courting ritual where a man invites a woman of his suiting to dance with him.

The dance has pre christian roots and is also a type of “rain dance” to honor the gods of water which provided life and food to the people of the land.

Well worth a visit, if only for the stunning scenery of the northern Ibiza, the Ball Pages can be viewed every Thursday from May to October.In Ibiza town, the Ball Pages is preformed in Dalt Villa every Friday at 9pm.

Las Dalias Hippy Market

mercadillo_las_dalias_semana_santaLas Dalias Hippy Market, held every Saturday Morning in a roadside courtyard near San Carlos village in the North East of the Island, is the local market where more authentic leather crafts and goods are sold, rather than the tourist memorabilia found elsewhere on the Island. There is also a Monday Evening Las Dalias night market during the summer months


Cap Blanc Aquarium San Antonio

Tipp_Aquarium-san-Antonio-editLocated at the end of the San Antonio promenade, out past Kanya Sunset cafe and towards Cala Gracio, the Cap Blanc Aquarium is a popular and interesting attraction. Its part of an old smugglers cave which has been transformed into a aquarium that houses endangered and protected species of Mediterranean marine life. Its also a rehabilitation center for recovering species of fish and is a popular family attraction, especially for the kids. Its open from 10am to 10pm during the summer season and 10am to 7pm off season. Entry fee is €3 and there are guided tours of the cave on Tuesday and Fridays between 10am and 2pm. It also has a lovely, relaxed non commercial bar/cafe which is an ideal place to watch sunset with just the sound of the waves lapping the shores.