Mark Netto and Danny Whittle

Mark Netto, programme director at Pacha, has ended his twelve year relationship with the Club. Netto 46, from Johannesburg in South Africa, was right hand man to Pacha Brand Manager, Danny Whittle, who left the organisation, in a surprise move last week. Mark Netto was also known to DJ at Pacha in a warm up capacity to some of the bigger names who he had close relationships with. While Danny Whittle’s departure was a major surprise on the Island, Netto was expected to follow suit, as a new management team is installed by the Urgell family at Pacha. At present, both Netto and Whittle are being linked to Space and Ushuaia, but it could be just bluff at this stage, as both clubs have good teams in place and are unlikely to change them. Pacha are expected to confirm an inhouse management team to replace Whittle and Netto in the next few weeks. Both Whittle and Netto are connected to the IMS summit held annually in May, along with the Ibiza 123Rocktronic Festival, which premièred to a luke warm reception in San Antonio last July. Friend and business associate of Whittle and Netto, Radio1 and Pacha DJ, Pete Tong, commented on both mens departure on twitter this evening, he tweeted ” Major love to Danny and Mark for their amazing contribution to the pacha story and wish you good fortune on your new adventures !!” It will be interesting to see if any DJ’s depart Pacha to follow Whittle and Netto. Luciano would be the closest to the pair and his Sunday night Vagabundos party could be a likely defection, as he remains loyal to the team that promoted him at Pacha. Pete Tong is another whose sympathies may lie with Whittle and Netto also. The Island is buzzing with gossip and rumour about the Pacha bust up and one thing for sure, is that this story, is not going to go away any time soon. The ripple effect of this event should make for a lively winter of business. Stay tuned for further updates.