Its the story that keeps on giving every year in Ibiza, will he or wont he leave Amnesia for pastures anew. Marco Carola and his iconic Music On Party, now into its 8th season, is once again the subject of gossip and rumour surrounding its future as word around the Ibiza campfires suggest that Carola could be on the Pacha bill this summer.  Its not the first time that Pacha have poached a big name from Amnesia, last years shock transfer of Sven Vath to the American owned club, is still having an effect on the clubbing landscape in Ibiza and if they secure the services of Carola, it will further destablise things over at Amnesia.

What lends more authority to this years rumour, is that Music On is out of contract at Amnesia, after the two sides had a well publicized exchange of views on the issue back in 2017.  Some well respected industry sources on the island have also flagged that a big news story will be breaking soon. What has been noticeable this year, is the lack of updates from the Amnesia or Music On social media platforms, with regard to its Ibiza 2019 season.  Thanks mainly to its Italian crowd, Music On has still got it, capturing that authentic party atmosphere that is unique to Ibiza. Ask any non UK party head in Ibiza, what is their favorite party, and you will be met with a smiling Music On face.

One would hope that Amnesia can retain the party at the club, but the rumour that Marco could be signing to Pacha, will cast doubt around its future at Amnesia. Carola has always stood firm with Amnesia in the past, ensuring he was always the clubs most valuable player and seeing off a number of contenders to his throne as the islands Techno King.  With the departure of Sven Vath from Wednesdays, Pacha are expected to draft in their long running Flower Power party to fill that vacant slot, leaving Monday, Thursday and Fridays open for new parties on the Pacha Ibiza 2019 program. Word on the ground in Ibiza, is that Pacha is charting a more “underground” direction this year,  a course of action that has not worked for them in the past, so it will be interesting to see how this story pans out, as it will have serious implications for the scene in Ibiza if true and raise questions over who is really pulling the strings at Pacha these days.