For a certain generation of Ibiza clubber, the legendary Manumission party, first held at the Coco Loco Bar at KU club in 1994, which then became Privilege, before ending at Amnesia in 2009, was a Monday night institution that represented the zenith of a golden era in Ibiza clubland. The party spawned a den of debauchery called the Manumission Motel, which hosted some infamous parties that saw like minded people, including a well know BBC DJ, disappear for days inside its cavernous door which was manned by the islands most lovable sex hobbit Johnny Golden. It was the lustchild of Mike and Claire McKay who sadly left the island to help launch the exciting L’Homme Et La Femme party in Barcelona last summer.

Established in 1998 as an after party concept, the Manumission Motel was an old brothel on the Jesus road, that was refurbished in seven days to include the Pink Pussy Strip Joint, graffiti painted corridors and water beds. The 15 room invitation only Motel, played host to an underground crowd of DJ’s and celebrities like Kate Moss, Jade Jagger, Derek Dahlarge, Lisa l’Anson and Elle Macpherson amongst others. Claire and Mike resided there and Claire had this to say about their time spent at the Motel “ living there was crazy and very hard on us because it was a 24 hour party. It wasn’t mild in any sense…. it was quite crazy. 98 was such a high in every kind of sense and it took us until 2000 to get ourselves back together”. The Motel was demolished in March 2005.

2018 marks the 20th Anniversary of The Manumission Motel, and while its most unlikely that the jointly owned Manumission brand will ever see the dark of night again, I would not rule out a return of Mike and Claire to Ibiza to celebrate what was a magical era on the island. The pair are riding high on the success of L’ Homme Et La Femme and Claire has recently added her vocals to a rather tasty piece of deep tech produced by the talented Manuel del Giudice which you can hear in the video below. So could we see a return to Ibiza this year of the delectable McKay couple? Maybe there is a Monday night slot open somewhere that could accommodate them, as it would be delightful to have them back on the island.