Maceo Plex, winner of the DannyKayIbiza Best DJ Award last year, was today defending his music selection after playing, Opus by Eric Prydz at the controversial  Amnesia Closing party last week. The talented tech DJ and producer, dropped the track at 11am in the morning, 4 hours after the club’s licence to open had expired. Video footage of the unusual Ibiza moment, appeared on Facebook and social media was divided on their opinion of its relevance to his set. “Boring at its best”, “classical musical recital” and “that would have fucked up my buzz”, were just some of the negative comments attached to the tune selection. Those posts were balanced by others who regarded the music as  “a bit more challenging”, “4 minutes of calm” and “peaceful and harmony”. Halfway through the track, the perplexed dancefloor decided to have a premature sit down, which Maceo described as “a long and slightly awkward moment”. After further critical comments on Twitter Plex defended his track selection by stating “I’m aware that a typical Amnesia Ibiza set is bouncy tech house. I just don’t enjoy playing that”

While the classy Four Tet remix of Opus is a crafted and expansive piece of work, I would tend to agree that it is challenging music. In a week where David Guetta dumbed down EDM to an all time low, with his release of the embarrassing TomorrowLand track, Clap Your Hands, Plex, was correct to counter and experiment with something different.Ibiza is all about diversity and the negative reaction to the playing of Opus, ties in to the musical snobbery that surrounds the industry. It was also worth noting that Can Misses Hospital treated 17 people for Cocaine overdoses that weekend. It’s ironic, that in the club where DJ Alfredo influenced the E generation with his eclectic track selection exactly 30 years ago, children of those original clubbers are returning to the legendary venue criticising the same freestyle selection that gave birth to the industry. How fucked up is that. What was beautiful, is now ugly and Maceo Plex in one track selection, has begged a question that requires serious debate and consideration. Do we want to dance, with fake posturing and image to the same predictable output, or do we want to progress and enjoy freedom in musical expression. The Blue pill or the Red pill – its time for us to decide.