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Love, Shoots & Showstoppers. Ibiza 2020 Fashion Report.

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Ibiza 2020 remains a summer like no other! At this stage in the season the clubs would usually be gearing up for the legendary closing parties; whilst their clubbers planned outrageous outfits and blagged guest list.  Although there’s not a beam of a laser or blast of an ice cannon in sight, the spirit of the island beats on; and its fashionistas continued to dress to impress this month. 

Hello, I’m Laura, and alongside handmaking HATHOR hedonistic headgear, embellished eyewear and alternative accessories; I’m excited to share my September 2020 Ibiza fashion reporter for Danny Kay Ibiza. Incase you missed it; click here for August’s installment


Though Pikes parties continue to be a staple this month, Ibiza isn’t just a slave to the rave. Tourists and islanders alike are opting for decadent days out in the September sunshine. Many are choosing to book a beautiful bed at the likes of W Hotel, such as this bevvie of Balearic beauties…..

Daybed darlings Musical Mermaid singer Tahnee, Ibiza Make up artist Katy Gill, Taste Ibiza Concierge company creator Juliet, the Workout Club Ibiza founder and CEO Marisa keep super cool and shady in their selection of sun hats.

It’s clear to see the sun hat is an essential accessory; from boaters, panamas and the biggest floppiest sun hats imaginable…the latter both chic and a good way to keep your social distance! 😉 

Tahnee says ‘I love wearing hats! The author An Na really sums it up for me with her quote:  ‘Hats are like a halo of happiness’ 

Tahnee sits beaming in front wearing a boater hat with neck tie detail by Uterque After sweltering August, and as the evenings get slightly cooler, there are two show stopping statement pieces to step out in Ibiza style… 

Having previously mentioned cowboy boots in my Ibiza 2020 Fashion Trends blog; 

Whilst the temperature drops the boot height rises. Knee high cowboy boots are the ultimate in Ibiza footwear this month.  These are from THE Annie’s Ibiza, available from Annie’s online store or Dalt Vila boutique

There are many boutiques on the island but Annie’s is by far the most fabulous, having been called ‘the best kept fashion secret of Ibiza’ by Forbes this month! Frequented this summer by the likes of the Queen of Croydon, Mossy herself(!) Adwoah Aboah, Paris Hilton and Rita Ora

If you’re on a tighter budget, Pull & Bear have a similar style…. 

I’ve just nabbed myself a pair of these rootin tootin knee-highs  – YEE-HAW!

The other leg adorning legends of the month are baggy trousers! I will try and save you from any Madness puns and just say… ‘step out in style in silky strides this September!’

Think bright colours and wicked patterns… the louder the better!
Ibiza icons DJ Santanna Oush and hairstylist Nicola Day demonstrate a masterclass in the baggy trousers trend… OH WHAT FUN WE HAD! (sorry, couldn’t resist :))



It is super chic, so soft and comfortable you forget you’re wearing it


September seems to be the perfect month for Ibiza shoots; here are a couple of my favourites…

A collection of island creatives; myself and aforementioned Nicola included, have been collaborating all summer on a picture perfect project called 7 shoots of summer. 

The brainchild of Ibiza wedding industry trailblazer Lauren Kaycee of Hidden Treasures Ibiza (her bespoke wedding planning service) started as a creative collaboration of Ibiza wedding industry insiders. It has turned into a high fashion editorial triumph! The concept being from catwalk runway to wedding aisle. 

Increasingly the shoots include fashion brands which are not usually bridal or wedding related such as Dancing Leopard, Jarlo London and Charlotte’s Web Jewellery. 


Photographed here on the White Isle wearing two of the islands finest designers:  kimono by Deafened Decorum and sunglasses by Hathor, Lauren said of her incredible runway to aisle experiment:

‘I created 7 shoots of summer to bring the wedding industry of the island together to show that we are still here, still strong, not backing down to covid and carrying on’ 

Another fabulous shoot that’s taken place this month is the In Your Dreams silk face mask and Halloween gemstone collection. Shot within the walls of the beautuful UNESCO world heritage site, Dalt Vila. 

Their 100% silk mask, is by far THE BEST mask I’ve come across! It is super chic, so soft and comfortable you forget you’re wearing it, and it doesn’t push your ears down. 

With 10% of profits donated to Black Minds Matter to help connect black individuals and families with free professional mental health services across the U.K.  – this super sophisticated and breathable face mask truly is a dream!

Go to and use code: LAURA20 for a 20% discount, making it just £9.20 with FREE UK shipping!  

Also shot that day were their exclusive Halloween face gems; my favourite of the collection are the little gem bats, so cute! 

All Ibiza veterans will know what a HUGE deal halloween is on the island! Just a few weeks away, and with restrictions in place it’s hard to predict what will be happening this year, but I’m certain something will be going on… and I look forward to reporting back to you! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA



Anyone who loves Ibiza knows the undeniable magic that the island possesses. The energy of Ibiza flows through the heart”


Another brand that featured in the aforementioned 7 shoots of summer is Charlotte’s Web Jewellery. Created by Ibiza resident Charlotte Howarth;

inspired by a thousand journeys, a love of life, a free-spirited soul, Charlotte’s Web Jewellery captures imaginations with its vibrant display of precious metals, unique handmade designs, and brilliant gemstones that uplift and empower with a veritable rainbow of colours. Fairly traded, consciously created, a truly ethical handmade jewellery brand.

My favourite piece, which I wear every single day is Charlotte’s Ibiza Necklace. It is THE accessory for Ibiza lovers!


I keep spotting them adorning the décolletages of more and more islanders and Ibiza lovers… including nutritional therapist and food mindset coach Tasha Pyne:

‘Anyone who loves Ibiza knows the undeniable magic that the island possesses. The energy of Ibiza flows through the heart; which is why I love my Ibiza necklace by Charlotte’s Web. It reminds me how lucky I am to call this place my home’

 This stunning necklace takes the form of the Ibiza island and features the island’s Scorpio star constellation (which shines its powerful light over this magical place, energising all who visit it with creativity, transformation and freedom) on one side, shimmering with zirconia stones and engraved with ‘Ibiza’ on the other.

You choose how to wear it.
Available in gold, silver or rose gold, with matching bracelets also available.

The necklace is a particularly special piece for those that the imposed quarantine has made it impossible for them to do their annual mecca. The Charlotte’s Web Ibiza necklace allows you to wear the island that stole your heart close to your heart until you can reunite with your beloved.

Until next time guapas!

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