Nestled away in the quaint and beautiful eco friendly village of San Carlos, is a unique treasure trove of individuality and personal style. A clothes and accessories shop that is far different from the norm, in fact is it a rebellious statement against the mass produced and trend concious, robotic fashion industry. Ibiza is the birthplace of the unique, Adlib clothing movement. A design that was created to encourage women to break free from the stuffy and conservative styles that modern society dictated they should wear. Adlib encouraged women to wear clothes that suited their individual style and personal circumstances. It encouraged its followers to be proud of their bodies and wear clothes to compliment their natural shape and flow.

Lottie Bogotti has developed this concept even further, by emphasising that quality and individual craftsmanship of hand made clothing garments, is just as important. Her shop in San Carlos is full of vintage, second hand and antique, recycled clothing, that is full of character and individual personality. Clothing, that is environmentally friendly by its nature. No synthetic fibres or cheap Asian sweat shop produce, will be found in Lottie Bogotti, instead, expect to discover hand made, quality garments, that have been restored to their former glory. The Lottie Bogotti brand reflects what is good about Ibiza, simplicity, quality and a passion to restore, protect and give back to the Island. Its part of the Real Ibiza spirit and a beacon of light within the dark gloom of corporate commercialism. Lottie Bogotti products can be viewed and purchased online at lottiebogott