Loco Dice@Ushuaia
Firstly, what a venue! It is safe to say, after spending as little as five minutes in the atmosphere of USED + ABUSED, my faith in my favourite island was restored. And rightfully so! What a perfect way for Loco Dice to celebrate his 15th year gracing the decks in Ibiza. A spectacular outdoor venue, dripping with streamers and packed with punters from all around the globe with their hands in the air –and from what I witnessed, Loco Dice should now die a happy man!
He belted out a solid set from start to finish with confidence and a relaxed sense of playfulness. There was no doubt this bloke is one of the island’s best seasoned DJ’s. With a (surprising) background in Hip-Hop, Loco Dice took his audience on a journey under the blanket of the night’s sky. His set was not like the Ibiza of old; there was a new twist to the Balearic sound… electric, with a fat (phat) drop! It confirmed for me a definite evolution of Ibiza’s music scene. His set was inviting and he wasn’t just playing for the masses, this was his territory, and it was as if we were in the comfort of his own lounge room… to sum it up… it was intimate (especially for the guy Lording it with his 4L bottle of grey goose by his side, sitting on the porch of his ground floor Ushuaia suite room no. 2006 wearing only his bath robe – hats off to you mate!)
Our Reviewer Imogen Carn

I was lucky enough to weasel my way backstage, and by backstage I mean I was so close to the King himself, I could smell him… and yep, he smells like a legend! To see the party from his perspective was Insane, he had the complete attention of every single body on that dance floor (even the Lord on his porch!) What an amazing sight to see, after 15 years to still be pleasing people the way he does, it was admirable! But after a while of being crammed backstage with all the other people drowning in that feeling of being ‘backstage’ for Loco Dice, I made the decision to head back to the atmosphere (on the floor with the people) … A decision I haven’t yet lived to regret.

All the tracks started to roll into one (which is what I love) but a moment that stands out for me was when he dropped a bouncy remix of the ever so familiar tune ‘Back to Life’ by Soul II Soul and everyone started jumping and the lights went crazy and the ice cannons were in full swing sending the crown into pandemonium and you know when you get that feeling where you are so emotional you get that knot in your throat and you kind of tense up knowing that any minute you might cry? Yeah, well… I got that feeling!
In my long-winded opinion, this party is an absolute must! And Loco Dice never fails to deliver the goods! USED + ABUSED is in my top 3 favourites from my recent trip, although I did leave Ibiza feeling slightly used + abused myself… but it was all worth it!

Until next time Ibiza – you were great!

Words by Imogen Carn.