Local Residents Declare War On DC10 Ibiza

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Written by Dan Kirwan

The first rule of Ibiza is, you do not disturb the neighbours. If you want to do business on the island, this unwritten rule is cast in stone and you ignore it at your peril. This week DC10 not only broke that rule, they hit it out of the ballpark, smashing the windows of tranquillity in the homes of neighbours up to five km away. For the past two seasons, the island had become accustomed to the peace and quiet that descended on it due to the enforced closure of clubs from the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic. 

That was until DC10 shattered that illusion and pumped up the amps to the max on its Loud Professional Soundsystem incurring the wrath of the local population.  Now they have started a war, against an adversary they have not fought before. At 9 am CET this morning, local resident group PROU announced on its Facebook page that it was moving to denounce DC10 requesting that the local Sant Joseph Council take action and shut down the club for repeated licence and Covid 19 health violations. The Facebook statement read as follows, {translated from Catalan}

“PROU asks the City Council of Sant Josep to make the necessary interventions to immediately end the inconvenience of noise pollution at an establishment situated on the edge of the Natural Park of Ses Salines. This activity causes serious damage to residents in areas as far away as Sa Carroca, Sant Jordi, and Platja den Bossa among others. At the same time, PROU wants to know in which legal situation the establishment called DC 10 is, when it acts as a club. However, regardless of the legal situation in which it is found, you can’t consent to this while at the same time respecting and enforcing the rights of citizens to peace when it affects so many people. The second party has caused the outrage of the whole neighbourhood since many people couldn’t sleep or rest properly due to the noise so loud this establishment was playing”

Our members have complained about the inconvenience and demand immediate solutions, which we represent in the named petition and in photographs recently published in the Ibizan press of the people who were queuing to enter the first party who did not wear masks or respect social distancing or other means of security to avoid possible contagions of Covid. Apart from all of this,  the risk that potentially these clients pose driving after a night of partying and the danger this behaviour causes drivers who are respecting traffic rules. For all the explained above, PROU considers that we have to end the impunity and lack of action taken against DC10. The residents maintain that in Ibiza you can’t do what you want, you have to respect the law, so we ask you to undertake the necessary measures you consider relevant to enforce the current regulations in respect of excessive noise, in compliance with anti-covid measures and in the prevention of traffic accidents” ENDS

DC10 has crossed the Rubicon of local tolerance.

A legal process and Denuncia will be initiated, there is no way back, and this time around it’s a battle to the death. This is not some random, lone neighbour that can be bought off, this is a well-organised group with political clout and influence, and I get the feeling that DC10 may have underestimated their adversary  Residents will not rest until DC10 is closed permanently, there will be no hostages taken in this action as legally it has to have closure one way or the other. That is the power of Denuncia. 

A line has been drawn in the Salinas sand, political and commercial allies will be rallied to the Catalan Residents flag and those in opposition will be aligned to the DC10 side, politicians will be called out to support one side or the other, declaring their allegiances.  There is an old adage that states, choose your Battles wisely, and on this occasion, the environment both politically and culturally is with the well orchestrated and planned PROU campaign. One fears for the future of under-siege DC10, as the Catalans gather outside its walls.

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