The Stylish Interior Of Lio Ibiza.

A lot has been said about Lio, the new Pacha owned restaurant, bar, come live cabaret venue, located in the Marina of Ibiza town. It rose like a Phoenix from the ashes of the old Il Divino nightclub, to cater for a more upmarket and discerning customer. It has an ideal location to service the mega rich super yachts that pull into the Ibiza Marina each year. European wide austerity measures, designed to protect the wealthy from the banking collapse, has successfully weatherproofed them from the biting winds of the recession. Its not trendy or politically correct anymore to be seen in public throwing cash at a €6,000 bottle of Brut Gold Brignoc Armond Champagne, while families struggle to put basic food on their tables. Like everybody else, the rich like to party in a manner that they are accustomed to. Unlike the French Aristocracy who met their fate under Madame Guilotine, most are clever enough not to tease the general public about it. This is the market that Lio is now successfully taping into.

Ibiza has always been an Island where the individual can become anonymous. A place where privacy is protected as long as a person is discreet and respectful of a few certain fundamental rules of local culture. Ibiza is a business port and all that matters are the laws of business. Similar to a Pirates code all are welcome to sail the Ibiza waters rich or poor. Ibiza does not discriminate when it comes to business. The rich are as welcome in Ibiza as the average package tourist. The only difference is that the rewards are much greater servicing the wealthy clients they are with the average tourist. Once again Ibiza and her unique skills of hospitality have provided an environment for the wealthy elite to spend their cash and party away from the glare of the media. Ibiza doesn’t ask where you got your cash from instead it provides a way for you to spend it without any strings attached. In classic Pirate law He that sees a Sail first, shall have the best Pistol or Small Arm aboard of her.”

Its a fair and reasonable rationale to have and one that you cant argue with, considering the Islands unique and colourful history. I for one will not be frequenting Lio any time soon, simply for the fact that I cannot afford it. Champagne tastes but lemonade pockets. For those that can, you can be certain that they will be provided with an excellent service and show from professionals who know how to look after their guests. Dinner and a show at Lio starts at around €400 so expect to pay over €1000 for an average night out there. Its an adults playground which attracts a certain style of individual and all that goes with the trappings of power. Below is a video providing a little taste of what happens at Lio.