With an island pedigree that dates back to 1987 when she first arrived in Ibiza at the tender age of 16, Jo Mills has been on a music and cultural journey. In 2001 she was signed as one of the first female residents at DC10, hosting the iconic Circo Loco party on Mondays. Her husband, Charlie Chester, who she married in 2006, set the foundations for the English PR and media generation that is so influential today, especially on digital and social media platforms. Along with their son Raffy Essential Ibiza is the second child in their relationship as the online publication takes up much of their time after launching in Dubai and Singapore.

Today, Jo lives in the hippy chic village of Santa Gertrudis in the middle of the island. Its regarded as the Notting Hill of Ibiza, as the area is home to some wealthy English and German executives, artists and financial investors. Its also the Vegan centre of the island with trendy cafes such as Wild Beets, Ecocento, Aubergine and Musset, famous for its fresh juices and veggie breakfast. On the same street as Musset, a stylish boutique Hotel known as Gatzara, now plays host to Jo Mills latest musical soiree in Ibiza, Escucha.

Meaning Listen Out in Spanish, Escucha, will run fortnightly on Friday nights opening tomorrow May 5 on the rooftop of Gatzara from 6pm to 1am. Jo will curate the party herself and will invite guests from the island to join her each week. Mambo resident Andy Baxter and UK DJ Buckley will headline the opening party, that has already stolen a march by locating itself in the beautiful village of Santa Gertrudis, which is well worth paying a visit at any time of the year to sample its many delights. Cozy, boutique parties at more intimate venues, has been a growing trend on the island and the involvement of clued up pair Mills and Chester, will certainly get it noticed in the right circles.