The growing impetuous behind the rumour that Cream is to depart its iconic Thursday night institution at Amnesia Ibiza, continues to surprise many of the Cream faithful. Over at Cream HQ, the silence is deafening, with no update as to their plans for Ibiza 2018. They say no news is good news, and it is for this very reason, that we can hold on the hope that the UK’s longest running party in Ibiza, can rebuild itself in some shape or form. As we speak, there are now tentative signs starting to emerge, that Cream could survive another season on the island at a new club, maybe slightly re branded, or part of an evolving concept.

The Changing Face Of Ibiza

Its sure to be a very delicate commercial decision for Cream, as to what its next move will be in Ibiza. Its identity on the island, once strongly influenced what it did in the UK, but that generation is now gone and buried with the demise of Space. It does not want to end up repeating the unfortunate We Love to Sankeys mistake, so it has to be very careful what it does next. Will it retire gracefully from the Ibiza stage, or does it hang on in there and try to adapt to the changing environment around it. Now part of the Live Nation stable, one gets the feeling they will try to salvage whatever commercially viable parts they can, especially the valuable brand name. If Cocoon can do it, so can Cream.

There has been talk that Eden and its Brit friendly crowd could be a suitable location for Cream, especially after the success of another elder Ibiza statesman, Defected, at the Dutch owned San Antonio venue. There is also speculation that Hi will ride to the rescue and offer Cream some sort of deal that will allow it to re-brand musically and fit into the changing environment of Ibiza clubland. The Playa den Bossa club would certainly have the finance to book the big celebrity names and rumours are suggesting that the club has something new up its sleeve for Sunday nights. Right now, its very much a matter of watch this space, as we await official news from Cream as to its future on the island.

Update 9/3/18: Hi Ibiza confirmed as the new home of Cream