What is your job with Es Paradis  I’m the Communications Manager of the club and I’m also in charge of publicity, marketing, promoters, pr’s…Although I have to say that the Es Paradis office, because of the way it works, we dont operate a closed structure, everybody helps each other so it makes our job really interesting. I was born and raised in Ibiza, so it’s my home.      
Who owns the club and tell us about its history. The Aguirre family are the owners of Es Paradis. Pepe Aguirre came from Barcelona and opened it in 1975. Is the second oldest club on the island. He wanted to build the most beautiful music box and he did it with the help of the artist Lluis Güell, who also designed Café del Mar and Summum. 

Why is the roof a Pyramid shape? Es Paradis is a huge garden, full of natural plants and had no roof untill 1989, when noise regulation laws made all the clubs close their roofs. It was very difficult to design a structure that could be opened in the day time to let the sun and the air in, so that the plants could survive but Lluis finally found the solution and designed the most famous pyramid on the island.
What makes ES Paradis so unique? I think that the set of it all, the pyramid shape, the gardens inside, the Roman arquitecture, the marble, the white color…people when they leave the club, always, always, tell our staff that Es Paradis is the most beautiful club they have ever been to.
What Changes have been made for the 2012 season. Well, we are building a new spectacular Dj Booth, and a few more surprises…..but I can’t tell you now…. you will have to come and see!!  Regarding the line up,  TwiceasNice comes back home to bring the best of Urban and a new brand in Ibiza for Trance followers, Colors, with Alex Kunnari as a Resident Dj plus guests, it will be the trance night of the summer 2012.  
What is your favourite party and why at Es Paradis? Of course the Water Party!!! Is the funniest party in Ibiza!! It’s an experience that nobody should miss!! You can’t find any other place in the world where the main dance floor becomes in a swimming pool during the night!!
If you could pick one artist to play at Es Paradis Who would it be? Difficult to say, we like good music… if we could choose, Rihanna or George Michael would be great!!!!!
What is the best night at Es Paradis? Water Party….although its probably the oldest party on the island and despite all the new nights, artists, etc. it becomes more and more successful every summer. People from all over the world come to live this huge pool-party, international Television crews come every year to film it…We guess this is because its unique as it gives our guests a real Mediterranean and Ibiza feeling.
What Happens at the Fiesta Del Aqua Party, Do people change clothes? Yes! well, we have a cloakroom but not everyone wants to get changed. Water Party is wet and wild, so many people don´t worry about their clothes….just let themselves go! We have lockers at a 2€ charge if people want to bring a change of clothes.  We advise people to bring much energy and good vibes!!! And obviously nothing that can be broken inside water.
What is the future direction for Es Paradis? We are basically preparing summer 2012, improving and making some changes to the always fantastic Water Party, very excited to celebrate the 10thAnniversary of HedKandi and happy to see TwiceasNice coming back home. Es Paradis will always keep its essence, make people from around the world have the best night of their lives. We are aware of how important a holiday in Ibiza can be and we will always do our best to make this experience unforgettable.

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